Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Lemonade

Yes, life has given us a few lemons this past week, but I'm refusing to get negative. I briefly mentioned some of the bad stuff in the last post, but I hate whining about things, so I'm not going to go in all the gory details. Let's just say, I could probably top most of your "bad day" stories.

Kitchen is not done (of course), and the guys are not even working on it today (not sure why). But in lieu of that, I decided to take this opportunity (since we are back at home) to take down the wall paper in the kitchen. This is probably one of my least favorite home improvement tasks (not that I actually have any favorites) since in this house the wallpaper has been chemically bonded somehow onto the dry wall. In essence, I can only take the wall paper off in layers (the top layer, then the paper layer, then the glue layer) and it takes a long time.

I've been working all morning and afternoon and only have one half wall to show for it! At least I know I've been working hard, even though you can see much progress.

The tile floor has been put in (although still not grouted yet), so we can finally walk around our house! Yay!! I really love how the tile looks and can't wait for it to be completed. Our kitchen is still completely gutted - but I guess the plus side is that it's easy to take down the wall paper and paint later without working around any cabinets.

I found some great colors at Lowe's for the kitchen and dining room, but now that I'm looking at them I'm not sure I still like them, HA! I want to do an olive green for the kitchen. I had picked a color called Sunkissed Vine, but it seems a little dull now. Argh, I hate decisions. Is there just an easy button and poof kitchen is done and looks just how I like it?


Shelley said...

Ah, liek the EASY button from Staples! ;) I'm so excited for you... Can't wait to see it someday. Hopefully soon! I have never understood the contractor's scheduling system.

the osbornes said...

THANK YOU for the sippy cup advice on my blog! Yesterday I bought some of The First Years cup, and I just watched him actually drink some juice from it! Not the whole cup my any means, but it's progress and gives me hope :) I appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice!

We're in the process of getting quotes to have our kitchen retiled, and I have to say your experience is making me a little nervous! It stresses me out to think of not being able to go in the kitchen for days! I hope things get better for you SOON