Thursday, January 8, 2009

All The Time in the World

Yes, that is my son "pumping" with a plastic martini glass.

Last night at community group we had an amazing discussion about time. The question was: If you had unlimited time what would you do differently?

Our host had an amazing answer. He said to imagine those times when you were having a great night or conversation with friends. In eternity (with unlimited time) those visits could go on forever until we were through. There would be no having to go home to work or relieve the babysitter. No leaving a wonderful night because of an obligation. We could enjoy each other as long as it took.

How amazing to be able to really concentrate on someone without a dozen other "responsibilities" on our mind. To enjoy and cherish another person. To listen fully. To laugh and love. Unending. To have all the time in the world.

It was a great group conversation last night, and how most things end right now, we had to leave before we wanted to pick up our kids. But one day we'll be able to stay and enjoy...forever.

What would you do with all the time in the world?

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