Friday, January 16, 2009

Earning my Mommy Bucks

Yup, I'm definitely earning my "Mommy Bucks" today. What are mommy bucks you ask? You know, the invisible money I get paid for mommy-ing two kids. Hehe. Ok, so there are no mommy bucks, but, if there were, I'd definitely be getting time and a half today.

I have to admit, some days are EASY. Kids take a longer than usual nap or sleep in - Sah-weet! Sadly, this doesn't happen that often.

And then...there are days like this one. Days in which:

  • You are awoken early to find out that you will be taking care of a sick child today - and on less sleep than usual.
  • Your child scares you to death by running a 106.5 fever - no I'm not kidding...
  • You freeze your buns off on a cold tile floor in the bathroom while your child takes a 2 hour sponge bath
  • You cry in relief when the temp goes down to 102.
  • You cry in desperation when your child is fighting you over taking his medicine
  • You pray to God that he will NOT spit out the medicine, that his fever will go down, that he will be ok.
  • You quietly watch your child like a "bomb" waiting for the fever to rise again.
  • You let your child eat goldfish in the bathtub because ... at least he's eating.
  • You've never been more happy to see your child splashing in the tub, cause that means he's feeling better.
  • You watch Disney movies ALL day with no guilt
  • You forgo naptime (your absolute favorite time) because your afraid his fever will rise again and he'll have a seizure and you won't know it.
  • You can't wait until your hubby gets home - so you can take a hot shower and de-stress.
All this blood, sweat, and tears must be worth something!

It is.

A healthy child.

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