Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So much to do...so little time...Let's Blog about it!

I'm trying to find the energy to start clearing out areas for tomorrow. While my coffee brews (which should give me a little energy) I'll just complain about it on my blog! Er, I mean, list out the tasks I need to complete today (minus all that kid stuff I do - which YOU KNOW doesn't take ANY time at ALL).

1. Wash the few remaining dishes we've been using over the past week
2. Take the last dishes upstairs
3. Decide if we should keep any of those dishes downstairs to use during the week.
4. Do the laundry before we have to unhook the washer and dryer.
5. Clear off the counter tops and bring that stuff upstairs
6. Haul the rest of my cookbooks upstairs
7. After laundry is done, bring laundry soap/stain removers and whatever else is on that shelf into the garage.
8. Pick up all the stuff that's collected in the entry.
9. Pull things off walls that might get knocked down in the commotion.
10.Clear out garden window of junk.

I think that's it - hey now that I've written it all out, that doesn't sound too bad. Time for coffee!!

Anyone have any coffee recommendations? I'm wanting to try something new!


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