Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Friday

Mark and I were awoken in the wee hours of the morning by a screaming child. Hayden was practically inconsolable and it was obvious he had a fever. Sickness has come to the Zavala house. Mark, being the angel he is, did all the care taking while I pretended to sleep on the couch. We put on Disney's Robinhood to distract him. As soon as the Dr.'s office opened I called in and made an appointment. I also had to cancel Hayden's ECI appointment today since they have a "No infectious contact" policy.

I thought he probably had an ear infection since he had gotten some water in his ears last weekend. He'd been playing with his ears a little, so I figured that was it. I was wrong.

I knew the appointment would be awful. Hayden hates doctors. He hates them even more when he's sick. There was much holding down and screaming. At one point she asked me if he does this in all situations. I'm like, no just for doctors. I have to admit I'm not fond of people sticking things in my ears and throat either. Especially that strep test swab. Yuck!

The verdict: Strep throat. The test was "borderline" so there's a possibility it's just a virus, but they are going to treat him for strep just the same. I went to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription, of course it wouldn't be ready until 30 or 45 minutes later. I thought I'd treat Hayden to some french fries, but poor baby is so sick he didn't want them. :( He ate his banana and cereal this morning, but has shown no interest in eating since then. He seems to be getting sicker.

The fact that he's just sitting here next to me on the couch watching his movie says a lot. Hayden NEVER sits still. And now that I look down at him I see why - he's fallen asleep. He never falls asleep outside of his bed. But I guess if you've been up since 4:30am you'd be tired too. I hope he gets lots of rest today and his little body will fight off this nasty bug!

Having two children somehow has made caring for a sick child easier. I know that doesn't sound possible, but it's true. See instead of just sitting around "watching" and worrying about my sick child, I can't - I still have to take care of Corbin. Less time to worry about all the "what ifs". That must be God's blessing for parents with more than one child. You get more work, but the ability to put sickness in perspective since it seems like someone is ALWAYS sick. But they do recover. I've taken him to the doctor, administered the medicine and tylenol, offered water, juice, and food. Now all I can do is love and wait.

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