Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How the Zavalas Roll...Exile Style

This is how we roll...

Zavala's current residence: ExtendedStay
Number of days Zavala's are exiled to ES: 4...or more?
Number of days remodeling crew has been trying to remove gigantic chunks of old grout on our floors: 3
Number of family members with stomach virus: 3
Family member to obtain bug first: Melissa
Family member to obtain bug last: Mark
Family member with the most bugs: Hayden with strep and stomach bug
Number of times I've cleaned up puke: 3
Number of times Hayden has vomited in the car: Once, while waiting in the drive thru at McDs...yummy.
Zavalas favorite beverage of choice: Gatorade please!
Zavalas food of choice: Chicken noodle soup
Hayden's food of choice: popcorn
Number of days without checking email: 2!!!
Days it took for ExtendedStay to get there internet/phone/cable working: 1
Signal strength of their wireles: Very low
Book I've engrossed myself in for the last day: Twilight...oh Edward!
Number of diapers I've changed today: 15
Food that most reminds me of puke: Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal
First food I craved post puke coma: Animal crackers
Number of hallway walks Hayden and I have taken today: 3
Number of cameras that are not lost, but not "findable" either: 2, located under 3 sheets of plastic in our living room
Number of ECI appointments cancelled due to illness:2
Number of other events cancelled this week: 4
Number of meals eaten in the last 2 days: 1, and oh how good it feels to eat again


Andy and Claire Harvey said...

We are right there with you. Savannah has been sick for a week and it is killing us. I was sick on Tuesday. My dad watched her yesterday and he is sick today. What in the world!!!

Robyn said...

Call if I can bring you some chicken noodle soup or something! I'm over the worst -- 7 hours of throwing up last night, ugh. Now it's Aaron's turn.

Gail said...

My it keeps going round on round. Our church is struck with the plague. Roland had one short day of 4 yucky poops instead of his usual 1, but seemed to very quickly fully recover, but now Dan is dog sick and utterly miserable. I have not gotten sick...yet...

Feel better soon.

Shelley said...

I think I'll stay in my little cocoon of an office. The Traywicks are done with it and it didn't seem to pass to the office staff. :) So sorry for all you sick people!! Mel, I'll never eat strawberries and cream oatmeal again, but I do love animal crackers! Did you hear they are not making the iced circus animal crackers any more? Qu'el domage!!

Katie said...

The McClarty's have all made it back to work/school today, so we're on the road to recovery after having gotten both of Jim's parent's sick as well.

Just Me said...

Man I so want to do one of those "infection" trees and see where this thing started!!!! Taking out a whole church? That's killer!

Metamorphis said...

It has be spreading like wild fire...I finally got it now, silly me for thinking maybe I would get lucky and Dan wouldn't pass it off...the big question is if Roland is home free or not? Ughhh.

Just Me said...

Corbin seems to have gotten off, so maybe it doesn't affect the babies like us.

Gail said...

I hope...but poor Savannah has been sick for a week now with it.

LeftyMama said...

Yikes! That sounds awful, y'all! Hope it's all over soon.

My favorite post-sick food (works for colds & tummy troubles) is Lipton Noodle Soup (the dry, sodium-laden stuff for $1.09 a box at HEB; must be "Noodle" not "Chicken Noodle"). I dunno why I love it - it's basically bland yellow salt water with a few parsley flakes and tiny threads of pasta. Sipping a hot mug of that soup always makes me feel better. Perhaps it restores the electrolyte balance?

Robyn said...

Evan only had one throw-up incident and one diarrhea incident, so maybe the little guys are being mostly spared. Ugh, a whole week down the drain.