Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Fine Art of Patience

Guess what's NOT happening right...

Yup, no kitchen remodel. Apparently our guy hurt his foot yesterday and is headed to the doctor today. So he gave us a choice. We could:

A.) Have all the demolition work done, but have no kitchen over the weekend and they'd finish up next week.


B.) Wait until Monday and they would have it done by Friday.

We chose B. Spending the weekend with no kitchen didn't seem like fun. Especially since we have a babysitter this weekend (I love babysitting swapping) and I didn't think they'd appreciate sitting in one corner of the living room surrounded by debris.

What's hilarious is that before finding this news out, I completely emptied the dining, kitchen, and utility areas. Our living room was pretty much one large pile of stuff. ARGH! After all that I gave up and met a friend at the Domain for tea. When I got back Mark had sweetly rearranged EVERYTHING so it would be livable for the next 5 days.

So yeah Monday...or next year...or never...ONE DAY I WILL HAVE A NEW KITCHEN, but that day is not today.

Blah blah, in other news....

My new favorite place is fast becoming the Steeping Room at the the Domain. We had a delicious Strawberry green tea - wow I loved it. And after working all day on the house, I ate dinner there too - I had the roast beef sandwich on whole wheat and it was awesome!

In diet news, I think I've lost my next two pounds. I'm still consulting the scales to make sure - hehe. Last nights roast beef (and scone ACK) probably didn't help much on that front - but other than that I've been doing great. 94% Fat Free popcorn is my friend!! I'm also enjoying pomegranate juice (1-2 oz) mixed with sparkling water! My new "soda". Today is day 3 without drinking ANY sodas. I'm on a roll. I'm really hoping to lose my "holiday" pounds by the first week in February, so I'm trying to lay off the snacks!!

Anyone have any good (healthy) snack suggestions? What do you eat when you're feeling those between meal munchies coming on?

I've just started introducing solids to Corbin. He's sort of getting the hang of it, but mostly he grabs the spoon and just likes to gnaw on it. He gets really angry (like crying tears angry) if you take it away - even if it's just to refill the spoon. HA!

Hayden is very into Elmo these days. Everywhere we go he points out all the Elmos - there are more than you think. Sheesh. I hear ELMO! all day.

Well I think I've spent enough time on here. I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon to console me about not having my kitchen started today!


Robyn said...

Keeping fruit and snack-type vegetables around is great. If you don't have chips but you do have baby carrots, guess what you eat when you want a snack? ;) I also like sliced granny smith apples with peanut butter, if I feel like putting that much effort into it. Crackers with cheese and/or lunchmeat... good for those days when I get snacks instead of meals. Raisins and peanuts (or other nuts) are good for nibbling -- kept those at my desk when I was pregnant and ALWAYS hungry. Not all of those are low-fat, but healthier than my old stand-by: potato chips!

Andy and Claire Harvey said...

Okay so I am doing weight watchers but Pringles and Ruffles have a light bag. If you eat 15 chips it is only one point on weight watchers and dip them in a little bit of salsa and it is so good. It isn't much but it taste so good and helps me fill those cravings!!