Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That's a word that sums up things right now. Everything is...well...dragging.

The installation of our tile floors is dragging on and on. They supposedly will be doing the grout on the tile tomorrow.

The installation of the rest of our kitchen is dragging on and on...I don't even think about finish dates anymore.

I'm dragging...between taking care of the kids (who are going stir crazy and just out of sorts with all the upheaval lately) and dealing with doing life without a stove, microwave, sink, or washer/dryer...I'm definitely ready to get my life back.

Although I went to a friends house and spent all morning doing 3 loads of laundry, I still have a mountain of it stacking up. I'm so sick of eating out - luckily tonight I made a slow cooker meal recipe I just got, it was yummy!!

Other than that...nothing going on here. Not much living to be done when you're living in a demolition zone.

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Jen said...

I'd light a fire in someone's read-end on the kitchen stuff, but that's just me. I hope it's all over soon!