Monday, January 12, 2009

One more day until kitchen demolition...I know I've been saying that for the last month...but this time it's FOR REAL. I think. Hehe, no, dude it better be for real, or uh I'm gonna have to get mad and you don't want to see Mel mad...I think a small few of you may have seen it...

Apparently, I'm really into "..." today...hehe.

Corbin is growing like a weed, I can't believe he'll be 7 months on the 24th. I completely stopped keeping track of how many weeks he is, I guess that's a first time mom thing, haha. Now, I'm just like, uh what day is it? Oh, then he's 6 months.

I went to the birthing center to get my girlie parts checkup. When I walked in, the receptionist, who knows me by name now that I've had two babies there in 2 years, was like oh your having another baby? HA! I'm like uh, I don't think so - I'm taking the year off. I'm just here for my yearly.

And just for your information, everything looks good down under! I'm always cautious about these checkups since my mom had pre-cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy in her 30s. So I try to stay on top of that kind of stuff, and I'm super aware of my time line for having kids. My grandmother also had similar issues, so it's definitely a hereditary thing.

Oh, and in fun news, Jenny and I rocked our first wine tasting adventure. Neither of us had ever done wine tasting and I'm so glad we picked a good place for our first experience. They were extremely informative and super sweet - not at all intimidating or snobbish about anything. I loved it! I'm not really a wine person as of late - considering I've been preggo or nursing most of the last 2 years, but it was a great experience. And Jenny and I had a blast just hanging out of course. Mark was the BEST husband in the world and stayed home with our two critters, so I got a solo afternoon/evening. Seven WHOLE hours to myself! Wow. I have to admit though, I was missing my family big time by the end.

I'm totally becoming a homebody. Nothing more I love than being at home and enjoying my family. Hayden with his crazy antics - always making us laugh; Corbin being so snuggly and smiley; and my sweet hubby, one of the few people on this earth that really GETS me and my humor. Yeah, these are my people, hehe.

It's nice to see your comments on the weight loss front - feels less lonely when I'm arguing with myself over picking up some fast food or just coming home and eating what I had planned. Which I won by the way - no fast food for me today. I've found a new love - Spicy Thai Bumble Bee Tuna kits. Oh my goodness - so delicious.

And in most wonderful news - NieNie will be back Jan 16th! Her link is on the side, I encourage you to read through her archives. She makes me want and strive to be a better mom. She's been through more than any of us could imagine, yet she plans on continuing her blogging torch. I look forward to her posts and daily appreciate her insights into motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood. On the days when I'm getting down in the motherhood dumps, I recharge by reading over a few of her archives. She's made me appreciate my children more, love my husband dearly, and just be glad to be a woman. Read her, really read Nie and you won't regret it.

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