Monday, September 28, 2009

Death of an iPod

Back in the olden days when I was a wee lad in Tijuana (say it Tee-a-juh-WANNA, it sounds better),

er wait, I mean back when I was in college there was this new way of listening to music - MP3s....ooooooh aaaaah

(and before you start lecturing me on iTunes format is not MP3, I know that...just wait for the story jeez).

We copied and downloaded music free with reckless abandon - THIEVES - at the time, I never really thought of it, hehe. I don't think anyone did - it was the 90s for goodness sakes, we were all just glad we had computers at that point.

And MP3 players at that time were like, unheard of or really expensive, which for a college student means - UNHEARD OF. So we walked around with CD players (which I sometimes referred to as a walkman, dang I'm old). And how pysched I was that I could make a CD of any songs I wanted - FOR FREE. Then again, some CD players wouldn't even play them, which sucked...but I digress, for the 100th time.

So years fly by and poof I'm a grown up or something. And then I go back to church. And God said I needed to get rid of my "stealing" habits...otherwise known as enjoying copious amounts of really good music. And I repent of my ways and turn to iTunes (now referred to as THE DEVIL).

And as I paid my 99 cents to THE DEVIL, I felt purged of this dreadful dark secret. I spent over the last 5 years or so racking up hundreds (maybe a thousand ACK I hate to think of that) of dollars in music on THE DEVIL.

Then THE DEVIL went and had a baby and named it iPod. iPod or THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL made THE DEVIL mobile!!! So of course I had to get one. I got a nice video version of THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL and was quite pleased with myself.

It kind of then sat in a drawer for awhile so I could have two kids, and there's really not a lot of iPodding to be done when you're chasing after two kids. So maybe it's my fault because I ignored it and no one puts THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL in the corner. When I finally break it out, so I can shamelessly make my 2 year old sit still on the airplaine by watching Happy Feet a thousand times, what do I see - AN UGLY DARK PIXEL DEATH ACROSS THE SCREEN.

Oh you've got to be kidding me!! I've barely used this thing, rarely drop kicked it down the stairs - there is no way this can be happening. But I suck it up and use it anyway, cause it's only a few pixels right? There are still hundreds (thousands?) left to go around. And plus, it still plays my darling iTunes - WHICH WILL PLAY NO WHERE ELSE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE APPLE IS TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE.

And then it happened, the finally straw breaking moment - I wanted to change up my running playlist and so I plug THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL into my computer so THE DEVIL can add a few playlists to it, and nothing. No worky. I went through the Apple steps of troubleshooting, there final piece of wisdom - it must be hardware. Well no &#$# sherlock.

I bought (or should I say bit) into the Apple world and have gotten a bitter taste. Now my thousands of dollars in music is hijacked on my computer. Oh I can make CDs - if I want to haul around my old CD player like I did in the 90s.

But, being the crafty gal I know I am, I BEAT YOU DEVIL. Cause guess what, I've been cheating on you with Rio. Who's Rio? My cheapie MP3 player I bought 7 years ago before I got you SPAWN OF THE DEVIL. So I burned my CD (but oh noes can't burn an mp3 cd of iTunes bought stuff) and then my Rio software converted it for me. THANKS FOR NOTHING. And although it may have taken me an HOUR of messing with you, then giving up, burning cds, and dusting off Rio - I still got to do my run - AT 11:00PM!!

So I'm breaking up with you SPAWN OF THE DEVIL. I will not be sucked into wasting hundreds of more dollars to fix or replace you. SO THERE!

P.S. Anyone know where i can find a good deal on an iPod?


Merae said...

I bought a refurbished shuffle online for $39 a few weeks ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Merae said...

I can also ask Scott to watch out for used ipods on his work bulletin board. He can get stuff on there dirt cheap sometimes.

getrandom said...

Got an old iPod sitting at the house. Make you a killer deal!

Just Me said...

sweet - let's make a deal, hehe.