Saturday, September 5, 2009

Game Day!!!

First Saturday of ND Football season - the boys are ready to cheer for Daddy's team!!!

I'm thinking Saturday's in Fall are going to take on a certain tradition - wearing their ND jerseys will be one constant (considering we bought all sizes from 12m-4T). I'm sure other traditions will evolve over time.

I'm sure a little "football practice" out in the backyard will soon be added. HA! It's kind of exciting to know that Mark and I are setting the foundations for the memories and traditions the boys will have from childhood. Give me a little more energy on a Saturday morning for doing things like making some good game day foods.


Uncle Mikey said...

The kids look awesome! Damn, I really miss watching the games with you guys... wish I could be there too.

Just Me said...

We miss you too Mikey!!!!! Hasn't been the same without you.