Friday, September 11, 2009

Today it rained buckets...and I loved it! It's been such a long, dry summer that our grass is completely brown, my tomatoes still haven't produced a thing, and I've gone into hibernation mode to stay out of the heat.

I'm looking forward to the days when I can dust off my jogging stroller and head to the trails at our park. Get out my iPod and run away my stress - and extra pounds! But that's not going to happen with temperatures above 90, and especially above 100. I'm hoping this rain is a sign of things to come - you know, fall.

I'm so ready for fall. We live in Texas, so I wouldn't exactly say that we had a real fall - but any change, even the slightest, is good.

I'm also looking forward to Corbin getting his room back. He's been sleeping in our room this week since we have company - and damn that boy is a light sleeper. Every rustle of the covers on my part evokes a whimper. And then the random wake ups. I'm way too in tune with him to ignore even the slightest noise. Comes with mommyhood I guess - Mark would never hear it. Of course, he's chosen the couch over sleep interruptions - loser.

Monday night I will have my sleep restored. And that's a good, good thing.

I feel like my calendar is filling up rapidly for the coming months. But isn't it always like that this time of year? Fall brings with it a collection of holidays and the events that correspond - but even more than that. Ladies bible study begins, Hayden gets evaluated for his speech, football season and Saturday game watches, MS Walk, boat party, parenting seminar...ok the list is quite long.

By the way, I really need to rsvp for the parenting thingy. I've been trying to work it out, but no luck so far on the babysitting front. I think I may do this one solo and leave Mark alone with the kiddos.

Kiddos got their first colds last week. Luckily, they weren't too bad. No doctor visits needed. I'm sure there are many more of those to come. I'm trying to just look at it as "normal" mode and not get hyper about it. It is a bummer when it interrupts plans though. We're pretty active as far as having the kids out with us, so when we can't bring them along, we end up canceling a lot of stuff.

Well it's after 10:30pm and I've given myself a new bedtime. I know, like Mark says - what are you? an old lady? But, I feel 100% better now that I'm not staying up late. Even though technically I'm averaging the same amount of sleep. I get up earlier between 6:30am-7am, but I don't feel like complete crap when I do. Yeah, yeah, I guess I'm getting old. Can't do what I used to and all that jazz. Old at 28? Sheesh, I gotta long way to go. Somebody get the duct tape, I'm breakin down.

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