Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week Wrap Up

First off, Fall Fitness has officially launched! We have 7 bloggers signed up so far and I'm excited to hear everyone's stories! Go check it out!! It's never too late to join the community and start blogging - just leave a comment over there and I'll get you your invite.

Now back to my regular blogging. I'm trying to figure out how "things should work around here" with Mark being at home. We've gone the past two months on survival mode, but now I think it's time to get back to our structured days. To keep Mark's sanity (and my own), we've instituted a new schedule for both of us.

The design of our house is not exactly conducive to private or quiet times. This becomes most apparent when Mark needs to work on his resume, fill out applications, or reply to emails. Our "office" is a loft above the family room, and the family room is, well, the family room - the noisiest environment you can imagine. Throw in the fact that Hayden takes about 1-2 naps a week, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Our new plan is that Mark can throw on his headphones and work on whatever during the day, as long as he's completely available between 6-10pm for the family. This gives me back my "reign" of the house, and keeps him from getting constantly interrupted and frustrated. That's our plan anyway, we'll see how it goes.

I need to enforce a little more self-discipline when in comes to my bed time so I can have more energy during the day. I have definitely noticed an improvement now that I'm going to bed at 10:30pm. Unfortunately, I've been scooting that time back a little farther each night and I can feel it. Back to 10:30 bedtime for me!! I really do feel much better sleeping from 10:30-6:30. I just don't like admitting it to myself, I prefer to be known as a night owl - instead I'm the old lady. BAH!

This week Mark held a Chili's night to fund raise for the upcoming MS Walk. I was so disappointed not to be there, although I heard many of you were!! Food poisoning kept me praying to the porcelain god. Believe me, I'd have much rather been at Chili's!! Now I'm recovering from the dehydration of that day. I think I'm to about 80%, but I'm sure I'll be fully recovered soon. Now I'm even more anti-processed food!!!! HA! Sliced lunch meat no more!

Corbin has begun to take steps - 2-3 at a time, so I'm sure he'll be running around here in no time. He's still such a little guy, I have to keep reminding myself he's actually 15 months (today). Wow. Is it time for another munchkin? Soon I hope - but until we sort out Mark's job that isn't even a topic of discussion! I think Mark would currently pass out at the idea of Zavala 3 - these two keep us on our toes with all their shenanigans.

Here are a few pics of life in the Zavala household to send you into the weekend:


LeftyMama said...

Big boy haircuts!!! Especially love the pics of the stuffed animal circle around the TV. Did Hayden orchestrate that arrangement?

Glad you're feeling better & looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Gail said...

I have been not following a bedtime for me, and I have really been feeling the affect. I got to enforce it and I will feel better overall. 10pm the latest. Heck, I really should go to bed at 9pm

Just Me said...

Corbin was SO engrossed in cartoons that we thought it'd be funny to see how many animals we could stack around him. Then Hayden got into to it and well - haha.