Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Totally Tuesday

Whenever I don't have an actual post topic I just use the day of the week with some cheesy same letter word. Whatever. So yay, it's random post day! Okay, so they are all random - but you still love me right, right? Oh that's right, I turned off comments. Boo.

So my latest achievement is getting rid of the bottle!!! Oh it's a glorious thing. No more bottles, no more formula. Guess it's time to have another baby - or er, no. I think I'm going to enjoy this time for a little bit longer before I start thinking about that.

Of course, for all other things I'm failing miserably. No luck on potty training with Hayden. Mostly due to my own laziness. It's quite a bit of work and I just need to suck it up and do it. Hayden's potty skills are limited to cheering me on when I'm in the bathroom - which is really quite weird. I've never had an audience, let alone a cheering one. "Yay mommy!" I guess I can find success in the little things - like going to the bathroom!!

My mom's coming into town today, so I'm sure my "online" time will be even more limited. So blogging might take a back seat to visiting.

But I'm most excited these days about my new desk! We have an office in our upstairs loft, but it's not really accessible to me during the daytime. Corbin is now able to climb stairs but still has no concept of gravity, so me being upstairs isn't an option. I've been confined to the laptop on the counter and my piles of books/journals/calendar just floats around wherever I go - which has been getting annoying. So I asked Mark to get me a desk for the utility room downstairs where I can keep my stuff and laptop. Utility room has a view not only of the whole living area downstairs, but a window so I can keep an eye on Hayden's shenanigans in the back yard.

I'll have to take a pic of it when I get a chance. It will also be nice to have the camera docking station permanently placed so I don't have to keep setting it up every time I want to upload a picture. Which means more pictures for you bloggy friends!! Yay!

Okay, I think I have to stop writing now because Hayden just passed me a toy, and yeah it's covered in jelly. STICKINESS ACK!!

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