Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Fitness

I'm interested in starting another blog - but this one would be authored by multiple bloggers with a common theme - achieving fitness and health goals this fall.

With the insanely hot weather this summer, I've done nothing in this area of my life. I've pretty much eaten whatever I felt like, and exercise was limited mostly to finding the TV remote under the couch.

So, I'm looking for interested parties who want to contribute. Whether your goals are losing weight, eating healthier, or getting in shape - everyone's welcome. There's no minimum/maximum posting requirements, just write when you need encouragement or want to celebrate or whatever.

My hope is that it would be a blog to inspire, motivate, and encourage each other. For me, it's also an accountability. If I write it down, then I'm more likely to persevere when that chocolate doughnut looks longingly at me, and whispers sweetly "EAT ME!".

There are lots of other wonderful blogs out there that have the same concept, but what's different for me, is that you all are my friends. Not to say that it's limited to only my friends, but there's something beautiful about sharing and motivating with friends.

I'll flip comments on for interested folks. Just leave a comment if you'd like to participate.


Gail said...

I was just thinking the other day our summer is like other's winters. Up North you tend to stay cooped up in the winter and pack on lbs in that season, it's summer where we are cooped up and perhaps gaining.

For me, my goal is just to take advantage of the new temperatures and walk, walk, walk.

Gail said...

The rest of you need to get your lazy butts off the couch and get more fit with us too,lol :)

Andy and Claire said...

I want to participate! I need the encouragement the most!

Just Me said...

Yay!! Come on gals! No matter what your health goals (food, exercise, trying to go more organic/natural, whatever) this is for you!

I'll be opening up the blog near the end of the week. For those who sign up, you should get your invites in a day or two.

Oh and invites are done via email, so if there is a specific email you want me to use, let me know. You can email it to me personally (if you don't have my email - which most of you do - there's a link on the sidebar under the archive section.

Shelley said...

Sign me up! I made a group on FB as well...if you want to join that, too...whomever!

Ebit said...

I'm in.

Amanda said...

I am a little behind...for obvious reasons, but I would like to participate too. I think some of my goals will look a little different, but in the end encouragement with consistency is always helpful no matter what your goals are right? :)

Just Me said...

Oh yeah totally!! I think I had more health and fitness goals during THAT time than now, hahaha! I'll send you an invite. :D

lama said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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