Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At The Farm

I mentioned last week that we are homeschooling the boys.  I've been looking forward to getting all our materials for a couple months.  At last they are here!  So I guess this is our first "official" week. I took a bit of time and made a wall sized mural for the background of our farm.  As we learn about each part of the farm, we'll add it to our mural:

Mural 3

Of course, instead of opting for a true mural, I decided butcher paper would be just as good (and easier to change).  Hayden will get to make the barn, silo, equipment, and animals to add to it.

We also put up a new calendar that Hayden has been loving so far.  It's all Velcro-affixed.  Each day he gets to change the date, weather, day of the week (he picks out today, yesterday, tomorrow), and once a month he gets to set the whole thing up for the next month.  We've had a lot of fun with it each day.  He especially looks forward to "forecasting" the weather.

Friday we worked on spelling his name and he picked it up in about 2 minutes.  We "quizzed" him out of the blue on Sunday and he nailed it again.  Makes me glad I didn't try to force this "knowledge" on him earlier - clearly he's was ready to learn it now and it showed.  From an early age, Hayden has shown me that he doesn't "do tricks" and learning neat little pieces of knowledge to impress the grandparents has not been an interest of his, haha.  I have learned to embrace that willingly and let him go at his pace.  Just one of a million reasons we've chosen this path.

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