Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simplifying the Toys

Okay, so I finally cracked.  Went crazy might be a better description.  I was just tired of it all.  It seemed like 10 toys were getting broken A DAY and I was constantly tripping over something and there were little pieces of this or that everywhere!!!  On Saturday, I finally lost it.  I grabbed 3 big bins I had just bought for organizing our office and headed to their toys.  I threw everything in there just so I could breathe!

If I felt that claustrophobic in that room, I'm sure they we're feeling just as crazy.  In fact, I know they were because they were acting crazy.  The toy chaos had gone too far.  Reminded of what a peaceful environment could be - I started the task of simplifying their room.

It felt good - so good.  I grabbed whole bins and buckets and just dumped them into the large bin I was collecting all their toys in.  Finally, it was all safely contained in one corner of the room:


Then I pulled out a few good quality toys I know they like and left the rest to rot in those bins.  Just kidding, my next step is to rummage through there and donate most of it.  I will also rotate a few toys in and out as well.


But once I was done (about 2 hours later) something amazing happened.  I looked over and my two "crazies" were doing this:


Coincidence?  I think not.  This scene alone spurs me on to continue in this process.  Quality, not quantity.







Ever since then, cleanup has been a snap(like literally less than 2 minutes) and they've been completely content playing with the scaled down version of their room.  Awesome!


Robyn said...

You're helping me stay motivated! Right now I'm focusing on the master suite, but the boys' room and closet is next on the list. *shudder*

lamiss ibrahim said...