Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simplifying the Toys

Okay, so I finally cracked.  Went crazy might be a better description.  I was just tired of it all.  It seemed like 10 toys were getting broken A DAY and I was constantly tripping over something and there were little pieces of this or that everywhere!!!  On Saturday, I finally lost it.  I grabbed 3 big bins I had just bought for organizing our office and headed to their toys.  I threw everything in there just so I could breathe!

If I felt that claustrophobic in that room, I'm sure they we're feeling just as crazy.  In fact, I know they were because they were acting crazy.  The toy chaos had gone too far.  Reminded of what a peaceful environment could be - I started the task of simplifying their room.

It felt good - so good.  I grabbed whole bins and buckets and just dumped them into the large bin I was collecting all their toys in.  Finally, it was all safely contained in one corner of the room:


Then I pulled out a few good quality toys I know they like and left the rest to rot in those bins.  Just kidding, my next step is to rummage through there and donate most of it.  I will also rotate a few toys in and out as well.


But once I was done (about 2 hours later) something amazing happened.  I looked over and my two "crazies" were doing this:


Coincidence?  I think not.  This scene alone spurs me on to continue in this process.  Quality, not quantity.







Ever since then, cleanup has been a snap(like literally less than 2 minutes) and they've been completely content playing with the scaled down version of their room.  Awesome!

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Robyn said...

You're helping me stay motivated! Right now I'm focusing on the master suite, but the boys' room and closet is next on the list. *shudder*