Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guy Time

As a mother of two young preschoolers, I know well the benefits of "Girl's Night Out".  Whether it's with just a friend, or a group of my girls - it's a much needed break and release from the pressures and stresses of motherhood (like wiping booties and cleaning up pee at the McDs playground - thanks Hayden!)

But guess what?

Guys need a night out too.  And going to work doesn't count.  Yes, yes, I know they actually get to leave the house and no one ever sits in their bathroom stall at work (I hope) and watches them pee, and they aren't forced to answer the same question fifty times (Is it "good morning" time yet momma? - No! Go back to bed!!).  But, they do work hard all day and then often come home to a crazed and irritable wife and kids that are howling like banshees with a can of soup for dinner (or is that just our house?  Hmmm...maybe so).

And if your husband is anything like mine - he may not even ask for it.  Day in and day out, working, taking care of the man-stuff around the house, putting out the "domestic fires" - but never says a word about needing a little "guy time". 

He does.

And he (you) will be so much happier for it. After a night out with "Da' Boys", I woke up to Hershey's Hugs and Kisses on my pillow with a thank you.  If that doesn't say "I need a guys night out", I don't know what does.

So from now on baby, I promise that I won't forget - guys need nights out too!  (By the way, you could use another night out!)


Stephanie said...

I needed to hear this, Mel! So often I'm reticent to give Brad some time with the dudes!! Thanks for helping me do it with a joyful heart.

Mariposa said...

So very true! Thanks for the reminder... :)