Monday, March 28, 2011

A Journey

Last week cracked open a piece of me that I had forgotten was even there.  It's amazing how you can forget who you are in the busyness of life.  You can stop growing, learning, and creating.  You just start surviving.

It's only been week one of our homeschooling journey, and yet what a week it was.  My approach is not just directing, but diving all in with Hayden in this voyage of learning.  I'm learning and creating right along with him and I love looking at it all through the lens of his complete awe of life.

One of the many activities we did this week was a collage.  I wanted to give him an example of a collage and thought I remembered an old one I had made up in my art stash.  As I was digging through all of it, I was coming across piece after piece of my own art and sketches - and they felt foreign to me.  As if I was looking at a stranger's work and not my own.  It made me stop and think...Who am I now, and where did I go?

Am I really so busy that I don't have time for the passions in my life?  I have time for things like books, TV, and Facebook.  Or am I busy trying to be someone that I'm not?  Or my idea of who I am?

I need to just be.  Be me.

So I sat down with Hayden, and while he made his farm collage - I let my inner artist loose for a minute and remembered a bit of who I am.

Collage 3_Lomo

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