Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Thoughts

  1. I have found my new favorite Etsy shop!  Right up my alley.
  2. Stephanie over at The Candid Pastor's Wife convinced me to sign up for E-Mealz.  Check out her awesome post as well as a code for 15% off!  I chose the Weight Watchers version of the meal plans and I can't wait to try them out.
  3. So I've made more baby steps in The Quilt Along.  Many, many eons ago we were tasks with ironing and cutting.  As you know, previous to this, my only progress was picking out my fabric.  Now I'm proud to say I've washed one of the fabrics I'm using.  Baby steps.  Maybe next week I'll iron it! ;)
  4. Yesterday was one of those crrrrazy days where I just wanted to scream and crawl under a rock.  So I packed up the kids and headed to the YMCA.  It's days like this that I'm so thankful that I have the blessing of a membership there.  Free childcare rocks.  Okay, we'll technically it's not free since we pay for the membership, but still, it's on demand and makes days like today survivable.  
  5. I also love that I took my frustrations, hormones, and mental issues to the gym instead of my fridge.  Ok, well first I took them to the fridge, and then I worked them off at the gym, but whatever.
  6. After the Y, we went to McDs for dinner and as I was being crawled all over by Corbin I looked over at another poor soul who also seemed to be have "one of those days", but with 6 kids instead of two.  Regardless, I still felt sorry for myself.  My hormones don't allow empathy.
  7. Can we say an Amen for Friday?  
Happy Freakin Friday!



Robyn said...

If you're at the YMCA down by me, you should stop in for a visit! My boys and your boys can both run around like crazy people in the backyard and we can maybe get in a few deep breaths -- or at least go crazy in good company. ;)

Just Me said...

Sounds good to me!