Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Do It

As I've mentioned before, I am in the process of simplifying and purging.  As I was tackling Bin #3, I came across last year's planner and I froze.  You see, last October my husband bought me a new phone and asked if I would switch from my paper calendar (which I loved) to the online Google calendar that I could share with him.  I mean, yes, it makes perfect sense.  I can update this calendar wherever I am (as long as I have my phone) and Mark can easily see what I'm doing that day if he needs to make appointments when I'm not there to give my input.

But...I really like writing things down and seeing them all written out.  And it took me a long time to find a planner that really suited me and had enough space for all I wanted to jam into my day!  Inputing it all in my phone just didn't give me the same satisfaction.  Yet, because it really did seem illogical to continue my "paper ways", I reluctantly switched over.  So here I am with my beloved paper planner in my hand reminiscing on the "good old days".

Can I throw it away?  It held a whole year's worth of "life" in those pages.  I've grappled with this decision several times over the last few months (since October really) and in the end I always decided to hold off on tossing it so I could be sure I got all the important dates (like birthdays) out of it and transplanted into my phone. I would tuck it away in some "pile" in my office or bedroom or wherever and forget about it.

I think it's time I dealt with it.

Something about sitting down and going through each page to get all the info I need out of it seemed daunting.  I have so many other things to do, it seemed silly to waste 30 minutes on this task.  Yet, by putting this off, I've continue to have "mental" and "physical" clutter over this thing!

I needed to just do it.

So, I finally sat down, opened up my planner, took my sentimental journey through 2010 and transfered anything important into google calendar.  Honestly, it didn't take that long.  It also wasn't as sentimental as I thought it would be (although there were still "memory lane" moments).  And I had no issue throwing away my precious planner once I finished.

Why didn't I do this six months ago??

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