Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Quicktakes

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  1. Last week Hayden got to race his car in the AWANA Derby.  I'm proud to say he placed second!!  He got his first trophy ever and has now surpassed his mom in lifetime achievements (I've never gotten a trophy for anything, HA!).
  2. We had an awesome week with Mark's Mom in town for Spring Break.  The kids got lots of grandma time, and Mark and I got two date nights! Woohoo!  
  3. Some of you may know that we decided to homeschool the boys.  I've been anxiously awaiting all the books so we can begin, and we've just about gotten everything, yay!
  4. Our first preschool theme is "At the Farm", so yesterday I spent the afternoon creating a wall-sized mural for the background of our farm.  As the weeks progress we'll be adding the barn, silo, crops, and animals as we learn about them.  The kids really love this!
  5. I'm behind on most things with company here the last few days, but hopefully I can catch up on some of my projects like The Quilt Along, my hooping, and continue simplifying our house!
  6. We've been doing Friday movie nights with The Fam and I'm looking forward to another tonight!!  Any movie recommendations?  Last night at RedBox we were really coming up short.
  7. This weekend we'll be working on the garden again!  Can't wait to post a few pics when we finish.  I think we might head over to The Natural Gardener this weekend - it should be an awesome visit for the whole family!

Have a great weekend!

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