Monday, February 28, 2011

New Parks


I love taking the kids to discover new parks!


They don't have to be fancy or big.


A simple neighborhood park can be so much fun.


I often just drive around exploring our local areas for new and interesting parks to visit.


On my way to a friends house we spotted one and stopped in for a spur of the moment playtime.


We took turns being "monsters" and chasing each other around.


Corbin was having a clothing malfunction day and kept losing his pants.


Hayden was enjoying being a superhero - his fantasy of choice these days.


I enjoyed watching two brothers finally play with each other.



Amanda said...

I love how your pictures make the park look like such a clean and wonderful place...rather than what I usually experience at the park -- dirty with a side of urine smell! ha ha!

Just Me said...

HA! Yes. The right photo editing can make anything look good.

Just Me said...

Then again...that's kinda what my boys are like - dirty with a side of urine smell, hehehe. They blend in well.

I swear, I clean up more pee....

Amanda said...

LOL! Well I guess our kids would get along well in that dept. and Miss J is a GIRL! I can't count the number of times the diaper has come off and she has peed on the living room floor. Ugh...we totally need new carpet! ;)