Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Why is it that I have so much trouble getting enough sleep?  No, it's not insomnia, but this insane stubbornness to let go of today.   I want to fill it with as much as I can, right until the last possible hour - which for me is around 2am.

I know that I need at least 8 hours of sleep to be a normal, functioning person.  Any less than that produces an irritable, tired monster who is even more stubborn than usual!  You'd think that at the very least I'd squeeze in a quick nap on these days - but no, I don't.  I just keep pushing myself right into meltdown mode.

I need to learn to release the day and get the rest I need for tomorrow.  Getting my "second wind" each day around 8pm is just continuing the unhealthy cycle.  As is pepping myself up with my morning coffee to make it through the day! That pretty much guarantees I'll be up for a good long while.

Sleep is good!! Sleep is good!!  I just need to remind myself that when my night owl tendencies rear their ugly heads.

Am I alone in this?  Obviously, in the baby years, sleep is a precious commodity - but now that the boys are getting older, I'm trying to squeeze in more and more into my evenings.  I need to start placing rest as a priority in my life - right now it ranks right down there at the bottom, HA!

So this week I'm giving myself a bedtime - I know, that sounds ridiculous, but apparently the rebel in me needs one.  Maybe my mother was on to something with that whole in bed by 10:30pm thing.

Ok, well off to do my laundry -  I must have taken the week off or something because we seriously have a mountain of it waiting for me.  No wait, that wasn't a vacation - that was a week of sick kids!  Now I remember.

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