Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Is In The Air


Love is in the (cold/freezing/frigid) air at the Zavala's!


Valentine's Day is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays to decorate!


Mostly because it involves my favorite color - Red - and the sum total of my decorations can all fit into one plastic bag.  I love simplicity.


The whole thing made me want to go out and buy something beautifully red. But, alas, I, er, I mean the boys -  needed naps.


So, I settled for some Amazon and Etsy window shopping.  I have a delicious amazon gift certificate to use up!  Just thinking about all the possibilities I could use it for makes me giddy.


In the end, I bought nothing.  But had lots of fun imagining what I could
buy and drooling over what I probably would never


All that decorating inspired me to pull out my red mixing bowls and start on the cookies I wanted to make for the retreat this weekend.


Meringue Cookies!  Look scrumptious right?  Don't let their innocent appearance fool you.  After 4 slow cooked hours in my oven they took on the flavor of last night's chicken dinner...Even Hayden wouldn't eat them - and that's saying something

.  Don't worry ladies, I won't be bringing these.  Mark was willing to "take one for the team" and eat my "chicken" cookies.


Guess I'll have to come up with another dessert - chocolate sounds good...we'll see what reasonably edible treat I can concoct.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay warm in my drafty, frigid house. 


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