Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Links!!

7 Quick Takes!

  1. One of my goals is to finally go through the boys massive toy pile and do a bit of simplification.  Number one on my list?  Reduce the plastic and noise-making electronic toys.  I was inspired by this post on Bluebirdbaby.  What an awesome play environment she has set up for her little one.  I can't say our boys room is as peaceful - more like an over-stimulation nightmare!  Look for posts in the future on my progress with this.
  2. For over a year now, I've been reading about hooping on a lot of my favorite blogs.  It looks SO fun, but a little intimidating too.  I mean, I'm not the most coordinated girl on the block.  But...I took the plunge and bought an adult hoop on Etsy.  Should be coming this week!!!  To say I'm excited is an understatement.
  3. I loved this article at Apartment Therapy.  I am definitely in the camp of my current house or "decorating style" does not fall in line with my "dream" home/style.  Right now we have two small children who are messy and destructive.  The furniture and home items I buy at this stage have to meet certain criteria - 1. They must not show stains.  2. It can't be easily broken, nicked, torn, or scratched.  3. It must withstand spilled beverages, food, jumping on and off, kicking, running into, and much more.  My "ideal" home furnishings do not meet these criteria.  Hence, our entire house is from IKEA - cheap, black finish, sturdy.   It's good to remind myself that I will not always be in this season, and that one day my home will reflect my true self.
  4. This recipe at A Stranger in this Land looks awesome!! I must add this to next weeks menu.  My favorite part about it is that there are no strange or expensive ingredients.  I hate those recipes with a list a mile long of ingredients you know you may never use again.
  5. Oh my, this perpetual calendar looks so fun - and I'd love to make something like this.  I was so inspired, I even bought a wood burning tool!  I had a lot of fun last night playing with all the different tips and making funs scripty letters!  I'm going to spend a bit of time learning and then tackle this project! Definitely will put up posts as I go.
  6. This was an interesting post on Art vs. Craft.  There can be a bit of snobbery around what is art or craft.  I happen to think each are wonderful in their own unique ways - and I love both!  
  7. Two new books I ordered came in this week and I am beyond excited to read them!    Just getting one of these books has been an ordeal in itself!  I have never had trouble with the used book sellers on Amazon - but last week I had TWO snafus with two different sellers one right after the other!  I will save that story for a post -  but let's just say I was glad to finally have my books in my hands! I got Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder from Paperback Swap.  If you haven't tried this site it is awesome. Basically, you swap books for free with other members, just paying the cost of shipping the book.  As you send books to others, you earn credits to "buy" books.  Fun, fun!  And then my Home Education: Training and Educating Children Under Nine (Homeschooler Series) book finally came in from Amazon. 
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Mariposa said...

Oh, thanks for linking to my recipe! I agree with you... Simple is best. I will have to look into Paperback Swap once I get settled. My mom uses it and loves it also!

Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

Ooo so much goodness. I haven't checked out all of these links yet but I can't wait to do so :)

Happy weekend!

Kristen @ said...

Great links! It is nice to be reminded that our decorating still can change and evolve through life stages.

Amanda said...

I have totally wanted to try hooping!! I am jealous. I soooo want to hear about it. Maybe I will look on amazon and just maybe...maybe...I'll get one too and we can be hooping buddies or something. ha ha ha!

Amanda said...

oops...I meant etsy. ha ha! mommy brain! Where did you get yours? Can you send me a link?

Just Me said...

Oooh fun! Yes, I'd love to have someone to hoop with.

I got mine from this shop: