Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's About Survival

And no, I'm not talking about the "cold" Texas weather that my Kentucky friends would laugh about.  Although, I have to say, when you've acclimated yourself to living in 100+ degree weather, 20s feel pretty darn cold.

No, I'm talking about surviving the cold season with 2 preschoolers! (I was about to type toddlers when I realized that neither boy qualifies for that statement anymore...whoa - where did that time go?)  It seems like we have colds every other week around here.  My theory is that the minute you plan any type of activity in the winter you've just reserved your family a vacation in Virus-ville.  It never fails that whenever Mark and I have a date, or a friend is coming over, or there's a dinner to go to - the kids get sick!

And you guess it - they're sick again!  Although, I think I am becoming a bit of a professional when it comes to these colds.  In the past, this would have been a "crazy week" or some other kind of drama - but lately, I've been able to just handle it as part of life!  We pull out the nebulizer and the medicines, fill up the humidifier, Vicks the feet, and wipe little noses - all without the stress that used to accompany the dreaded Cold.  I even took Corbin's walking pneumonia diagnosis (only 2 short weeks ago - and he's already sick again!) in stride with honestly, very little freak-out factor.  Whoa!

Could it be that I'm starting to get the hang of something?!! It feels good not to fall into meltdown mode over every cold that comes our way and to leave those stresses behind.  Sure, it means we're "home-bound" and "quarantined" for a few days - but those days are so much more peaceful than they used to be.  Is it because they are older and handle it better?  Maybe so.  But I think it also has something to do with having more experience and perspective that this too will pass.

Oh and being OK with letting them do this to the house (whatever keeps 'em happy!):



Ticia said...

They sure do make a mess don't they.

Sometimes I think they do it just to make us nuts.

Just Me said...

Yes! Amazingly, all that stuff fits into that closet neatly...not that you can tell from their disaster. I've put it all back no less than 5 times in the last 3 days.

MJ said...

You're using my guest bedroom as a toy closet?!

Just Me said...

Aw Mikey, we can always throw a few pillows and a blanket in there for ya! ;)