Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Au Naturel

Each year, I seem to be getting farther and farther down this "natural living" road. It's not really a path I ever consciously set out on, but sort of stumbled onto. Every time I go a step further and find some success, I go one step more. Suddenly, I look back and I'm not really sure how I got here. But here I am.

This time, I've been tackling deodorant. Years ago, Mark informed me that I needed to stop using antiperspirants. And like all things I've formed an opinion on, I can't really remember why - hmm something about aluminum - so go look it up. HA!

Of course, I balked at the thought of switching from my fragrant, wonderful deodorant (with antiperspirant), in favor of some junky imitation deodorant with no sweat-fighting ability...and then I scoured the store for an antiperspirant-free deodorant - which at that time was really hard to find.

But, honestly, those deodorants were just NOT that great at their job, and the "natural" ones - were WORSE. They certainly didn't last as long, and I was always slightly leery I might suddenly find myself smelling like a guy's locker room. I even kept a secret "stash" of the real thing (i.e. antiperspirant) in my purse for emergencies. I know...I'm all kinds of messed up, just love me in my quirkiness

The idea of possible making my own...never entered my mind. And then I read this, and this, and this, and...well you get the idea. Suddenly, it didn't seem like such big deal. Especially when I found an easy recipe with ingredients I already had in the house: Baking soda, corn starch, and coconut oil.

So I made it. And it works great!!! It lasts an entire day and night (no reapplying before bed or anything), and it's just as good as any antiperspirant - but with none of the chemicals. I absolutely love this stuff and am so happy I finally found an easy and CHEAP solution that actually works.


Amanda said...

So glad you are taking the plunge!! It definitely eases the mind when we don't use as many products with icky chemicals in there, doesn't it? Glad you found a recipe that works for you! Fun. :)

Just Me said...

Yes, it's really been awesome. The part I love the most is that it works BETTER than the store bought brand!!!

Amanda H. said...

Yep -- I used to stink so badly b/c store bought deo would actually go bad on me...and I have not had BO at all since going on homemade deo a year and a half ago. Totally worth it and the added benefit of no chemicals!