Monday, January 11, 2010

Music To My Ears

(Sorry, I'm having trouble starting this post because I'm rockin out while the kids are napping and that makes it difficult to actually think coherently with words that aren't -

SO WHAT, I'm still a rock star....)

The List

Okay, so this could be potentially embarrassing, but here's a screen shot of my iTunes in order of most played (keep in mind my main iTunes stash is on my laptop, not this computer, another "to-do" on my simplify list). Click to see a larger view.

I think Gomez, P!nk, Matisyahu, Matthew West, and Bob Marley go just fine together, thank you very much. Now where to go with this post? I guess you could say I've been recycling music - listening to stuff that I had long ago thrown in the "OLD" category. But each year I get older, I find I like the OLD stuff better. Soon, I'll be like all those grandmothers griping - "I don't get this music today - crazy kids!"

What I Love to Hear

But here are some of my recycled favorites that have stood the test of time, and why I like them:

Mindy Gledhill - Beautiful worship music. She's got this amazing, soft, sweet voice - she could sing the Elmo song and still sound good I'm sure.

Bob Marley - Music is awesome. What can I say? Anyone who's read my blog for awhile knows I love me some Bob Marley. Legend CD is a good place to start.

Baby Mine: Classic Songs for Bedtime - If you have young children, you need this CD. Blissful, sleep inducing lullabies that my children LOVE. If you have any kind of singing voice, it's also a great place for finding easy to sing songs to serenade your babies to sleep.

Solaris (Soundtrack) - I don't know why, but this instrumental soundtrack is just haunting. I love it.

Bob Schneider - If you live in Austin, you've probably heard his music. I still love the old CD Lonelyland and I've had it for almost 8 years.

Muse - One of my favorite bands, hands down. Awesome music, even BETTER lyrics. Every time I listen to their CDs, I discover a new favorite song. Their older Black Holes and Revelations album is ALL good in my opinion.

Geez, I could go on, but your asleep already. My real motivation isn't about what I'm listening to, but what you are.

Who are your favorite artists? Why do you love them? What song does the world HAVE to listen to right now?

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Amanda H. said...

I heart Bob Schneider too...