Friday, January 8, 2010


- Has decided that clothing is "optional"
- Pee pees have a mind of their own - as in Hayden talking to his pee pees - "No pee pees, not in the pants! No no!"
- Mommy: You made a big mess Hayden, do you want to help clean up? Hayden: Umm, no thanks.
-Hayden has made a new "rule" in his room - no socks, for anyone. He always takes his socks off and tosses them outside his room as soon as he gets in. He also tackles Corbin when he comes in and takes his socks off too...with his teeth.
- This week Hayden threw up in the middle of the night. The next morning he informed me that "I spilled...out of my mouth. (Then he reenacted the throw up noise) Sorry, momma. Spankin?" Poor baby. But I love the ingenuity of trying to describe the throwing up without the word knowledge.

- Has an obsessive compulsion to slam closed any open drawers - regardless of whether your hand is still in there or not.
- After a year of refusing to eat any kind of baby food, he has finally decided (at 18 months) that he likes it. Better late than never???
- His constant companion is his stuffed dog - never leaves his side. Corbin shows his love by biting on his nose and butt. Poor puppy.
- Has a fascination with all items that have a tag, he carries them around like blankets. Including dirty clothes from the hamper - Hayden's underwear is no exception, bleh! Crazy critter.

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Andy and Claire said...

I love it! Your boys crack me up! See you SUnday!