Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Under the Moon

Photo courtesy of Flower L*u*z*a*'s

Hang in there with me
Sometimes it takes a different kind of love to raise a child
So don't give up
- lyrics from Raise it Up (The IMPACT Repertory Theatre & Jamia Simone Nash)

I've been reading about a girl. She's only twenty-one. And mother to 14 rescued daughters in Uganda. So I believe that qualifies her as a woman!

I often have trouble understanding The Gospel in the context of the suburbanite, super-sized, fast-paced corner of the world I find myself in, but in the arms of a girl, who gave up everything and everyone to Love thy neighbor as thyself it is truly breathtaking.

As I roamed the sidewalks of my little neighborhood, sick baby in my arms, I thought of her. I thought about the fact that right now although we're miles away, we're under the same sun and moon. As I walk with my bundled baby, aching arms, and tired spirit, I imagine her. I imagine that she is probably nursing several little ones back to health. She's probably aching and tired right now too. She's probably weeping over her own little or not so little ones.

Thinking about her, I hold my baby tighter, my spirit strengthened, full of thankfulness.

And I do another lap around the block.

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