Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Life - From the View of Facebook

A picture of my life December 2009 - only from the perspective of Facebook status updates:

  • The world conspires against me...
  • Oh Austin Radiological, we are becoming dear friends...see you soon!
  • I HATE insurance companies...
  • There comes a time when you just need to close the search engines and walk away...and that time is now, hahaha
  • How to get a nap in the middle of the day? Go get a CT scan!!!!! 25 minutes all to myself in between scans.
  • And the results are in: Hemangiomas (translation: that's good news). Woot!
  • Taking the kids around the neighborhood to check out the xmas lights. Hayden was super impressed at 10am this morning with the 2 houses that still had their lights on, can't wait to hear what he'll say when it's actually dark!
  • My phone is so nuts...I just got 4 text messages...3 were from if you sent me a text then, I just got it! Uh, happy thanksgiving to you to?? Go TMobile.
  • Thanks so much to those that made this day special! I have the greatest friends! Love you
  • Is it possible this week to truly be productive? I have a "to-do" list a mile long...and that doesn't include my "want-to-do", hehe.
  • ARGH! Apparently, it costs $4200 for a respiratory therapist to walk into our room, squirt medicine in the neb tubing, turn the nob and WATCH ME give my child a breathing treatment every 4 hours during our hospital stay. Considering I do this AT HOME every day, I don't see how this is THAT expensive of a procedure?!
  • There really are just so many uses for duct tape that I'd love to test it 8pm yet?
  • I hate potty training...getting ready to head out to a dr appt, take Hayden to the bathroom, and pees all over everything...including my pant leg. BAH!
  • Hayden talking to his underwear: "No no pee-pees, not in the pants!!" As if they had a mind of their own - this kid cracks me up.
  • It's official - the Zavala household is sick - ugh.
  • This Friday is shaping up to be magical. Long naps from BOTH kiddos, spent the hours in quiet time (not mindless internet or movie watching) AND getting my "to-do" list done. Why don't I do this everyday????
  • Get in the Christmas spirit - iTunes has a 20 track holiday sampler - for FREE. It's not bad. :D
  • Never send your hungry husband to the store or he may come home with 10 boxes of cereal...
  • Nothing more fun than jumping in the down comforters with two crazy little boys. Corbin prefers the kamikaze style belly flop, Hayden the more reserved backwards flop
  • Interesting what you find while cleaning out the pantry...I think we can safely say we won't need to by hot chocolate, oatmeal, tea, or crackers for a long, long, LONG time.
  • I'm in the selling mood! Finally trying to sell our old kitchen cabinets, and our entertainment center!!!
  • and Already had a scammer try to buy them, hahaha. No certified checks please. :P
  • For all those who might encounter my child - if he says you have a "big belly" don't be offended, because, if you ask him "Do YOU have a big belly?" He cheerfully says Yes!! So I think his size comparison is a little off.
  • I think I just got an upper body workout from the chicken dance...Hayden made us do it like 50 million wings are tired!
  • Today is definitely a day for soup...this cold rainy weather makes me want to crawl back into bed.
  • So far my medical investigations into my back pain have discovered: a gallstone, hemangiomas on my liver, and mild scoliosis - not of which should be contributing to my pain!!! ARGH! Can these folks just stay on track for one second...I want a solution! This is why I hate doctors, I go in relatively healthy and come ...out with all sorts of abnormalities, just no help for the original issue.
  • Me: "It's naptime, everyone needs to take a nap now". Hayden: "Mommy's tired". Me: "Yes, that's right, Mommy IS tired".
  • Sweet. Corbin loves homemade chicken stock. He drinks it by the glassful, haha. Thankgoodness! Maybe he can get rid of this cold.
  • Now that Hayden has mastered the art of taking off his clothes, he had now shown his preference for sleeping in the nude...everytime I go to wake him up, he's w/o clothes...hmmm...
  • New Year's Eve with the Zavalas: 2 indoor play tents, marshmallows, and sippy cups with milk of course. We'll break out the good stuff after bedtime!
  • Honestly, I have to admit, one of my favorite gifts this year was a 3-pack of socks! Without noticing, my sock supply had gotten pretty scarce and these were just what I needed. HA!

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