Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures in Baby Sleeping

I think one of the worst days is the one where your sick, and obviously tired, child can't fall asleep.

Today is one of those worst days. (Oh, and I schedule out my posts, so I guarantee the day you read this is not the actual day it happened, so if you see us out and about and perfectly well, it's because the Lord has granted healing at last!)

My day started gloriously - finding Corbin, his clothes, his blankies, and his beloved Doggie covered in puke.

Like I always say, if your day starts with cleaning up vomit - it's only downhill from there. Both boys, and the hubby were sick. I'd already been taking care of Hayden for the past 4 days, and now it had migrated to the rest of the family and still lingered on with Hayden.

The rest of the day consisted of the usual whining and crying that goes along with sickness. When I put Corbin down for a nap, within 5 minutes he had vomited again. The boy was fine all morning, but 15 minutes before I need to head out to my physical therapy appointment he's puking. I have to wake up Mark to help since I'm running low on time and only have two arms - which Corbin demanded be used to hold him.

After cleaning up puke round #2, getting fresh clothes for everyone - including myself - and making sure Mark was up to handling it, I rushed out the door for my appointment.

Neither Corbin or Hayden took naps, despite the obvious need for one.

I just knew they'd fall into bed early tonight...uh huh.

Let's see...where to begin...I put Corbin down first at around 6 because his eyes were drooping and he was falling asleep in his high chair at dinner. He fussed a bit, but overall didn't put up a huge fight.

I let Hayden play a bit more, while I took a Mommy break to read a new blog I found through She Laughs At the Days.

When it hit 7pm, I decided it was Hayden's turn. We did our usual routine - potty, jammies, blanket, sippy and headed for his room. I laid down with him for a few minutes, hoping he'd drift off to sleep.

But no such luck due to the fussing coming out of Corbin's room across the hall. He had heard us and was now wanting OUT. And his fussing was keeping Hayden awake. So I told Hayden I'd be back in a bit, and went to check on Corbin. He didn't like that idea, but well, that's tough.

So I grabbed Corbin and tried to settle him - didn't work. So I took him downstairs and started turning off all the lights, hoping he'd get the idea. He still was restless. So I thought, "Fine, let's go for a walk." I held him in my arms and did a walk around the block.

When we came back, Hayden was in meltdown mode. Mark, in his sickness, apparently was dead to the world and couldn't hear him. With Corbin in my arms, I went upstairs and sat on Hayden's bed with Corbin. By this point, Hayden had gotten himself in such a huff, he was coughing again.

I asked him if he needed a breathing treatment, and he answered sweetly, "Yes, mama."

So we all went downstairs and started up Margo Moo. There we all were, Corbin in my lap, me holding Hayden's dinosaur mask, Hayden, and Margo. Thirty minutes later, the treatment was over and we all went back upstairs. I put Corbin back in his bed - fussing of course. And went and laid down with Hayden.

He fell asleep (despite Corbin's whines) in about 10 minutes. Then I sneaked out of Hayden's bed, moved all the toys away from his doorway and quietly closed his door - leaving a crack open of course.

Back to Corbin...Poor baby was still awake and fussing. Okay baby, let's take another walk. We walk around the block again. I get this bright idea...a car ride. Whenever Corbin is even the slightest bit sleepy he passes out in the car. Sweet! I'll drive to Starbucks, get a Chai Tea Latte (yummy!) with my giftcard (cha-ching! free!) and he'll pass out on the drive!! I am SO smart.

And off we go - Mommy and baby. I congratulate myself - "It's like a date! Oooh I'll have to blog about my genius idea. Wait, what are those lights? Is that an accident? What the? They aren't serious...closing the road? Detour? What is this neighborhood?? What the devil? Where do I go now? Hey, didn't I pass that FedEx truck earlier? Dang it, yes I did!!! Oh Lord help me, I'm lost. Ah, crap - I'm back at the entrance."

Thank God for sweet firemen who give good directions.

So...30 minutes later...back on 620. I look back to see my awake child. Hmmm. Then I start making deals with myself. Okay, the other Starbuck's is on the other side of 620, if he's asleep before I get to my light, I'll just head home, otherwise I'll go.

I look back...still awake. Okay, great - off to Starbuck's - attempt #2 at Chai Tea Latte (yum!). Get the latte, look back...still awake.

"Hmmm....ok well you know, they say a watched pot never boils, maybe a watched baby never sleeps??"

Then I start making deals. "Okay, so don't look at him for the rest of the drive. Not until you pull into the driveway".

I get to a red light, instinctively I almost look back. "Nooooo...don't look". Phew. Okay, keep driving.

Then I hear a jingle - his Doggie. "Hmmm, that could be good. Maybe his little baby hands have released the doggie in sweet slumber?"

Then I hear a cough..."Hmph...maybe not."

A rustle of blankets - "He could be getting cozy, yeah, that's it. He's getting comfortable."

I pull into the driveway. "Okay, now you can look."

A sweet little doe-eyed boy looks back at me, as if to ask - "What's next?"

As I open the door he lets out a big yawn. "Yeah, yeah, I know...you win."

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Ticia said...

Ha, I've had days like that for sure. That one you linked would be totally easily makeable. I have to admit the one I made for myself is actually from a different pattern, but I wasn't about to attempt that one for 36 women, no way.