Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 3 ... Withdrawal in full force.

I knew it was coming, and it came last night - the headache. Ugh. It's still here today. My whole body is screaming - give me a chocolate donut and large coffee! And make it snappy!

But I'm surviving. Another day or two and it should get better. Amazing how your body gets addicted to a food. Caffeine, sugar, whatever your poison(s).

Today I went jogging!! I loaded up the kiddos in the jogging stroller and hit the trails. It was awesome! I ran from Fern Bluff Park to Champion Park and walked back. I think that's about a mile. Hard to tell, but more than Wednesday.

Kids did fairly well, Hayden was a bit restless after the run, but he got to burn his energy at the park at the end. He's getting so big - he was doing all kinds of things that amazed me. Climbing difficult playscapes, etc. Corbin got his first swing ride! I shoved a blanket in the back and he loved swinging!! His face lit up, he was so happy.

What's awesome is that I got all that done before 10:30am! Just in time to get home for Hayden's ECI appointment.

I really hope I can keep up the running, I'm really enjoying it. By the way, if anyone wants to just go to a park, I'm done running by 10am and could meet you at one of the park's on Brushy Creek trail to play!

Time for lunch - soup today yum!

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