Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Hooked...

So I'm lazily sitting at the laptop after the "mad morning rush"

Mad morning rush: Time period that takes place after I crawl out of bed to the sound of a crying baby. Make bottles (Corbin is drinking 10 oz in the morning!), fill sippy with milk, feed hayden breakfast, change diapers, and feed myself something.

Yes, so I'm sitting there right, and I get a message from a friend - Let's meet somewhere! It takes us a minute to decide that we'll meet at a park and go walking. I suggest Champion Park - great trails and a sandbox for Hayden to play in.

I throw clothes on the kiddos and load up the jogging stroller (and inflate the tires!). I bring our goodies and snacks.

Unfortunately, my friend ends up at the wrong park and with no cellphone we don't meet up. So I'm heading back to the Explorer to go home, but Hayden starts fussy about leaving the stroller - he wants to walk (or ride) and we haven't yet. I think for a minute. Maybe there's a reason I'm out here, alone. I mean the kids are already in the stroller, might as well walk a little.

So I turn around and head for the trail. I'm thinking maybe I'll have some good thinking, prayer, meditation time, but it's just not happening. My mind is distracted and the kids distract me every now and then too. I'm talking to God. What's up? What do you want me to do out here? Silence. Hmmm...

So I walk for about 20 minutes and then turn around (it's a long trail). On the way back, I'm again thinking What was the point of this excursion? Then I start thinking about my jogging stroller. Jogging stroller. Man, I used to love running - especially the trails. Pavement hurt my knees to much, but trails - yeah. I starting thinking how weird it would seem to run with a stroller. I bet is feels awkward. I bet it's hard.

Then I check out what I'm wearing. Running shoes. Check. Nursing sports bra (and I'm not nursing anymore, don't ask - I need more bras). Check. Lightweight clothing. Check.

I start thinking, Well I COULD run if I wanted to. I am dressed for it. Except for the whole pushing 70 lbs of kid/stroller part which I'm sure will be hard. Maybe I'll just do a fast walk. Yeah.

So I start walking a bit faster. I look around. Well no one is watching, so if I wanted to just try to jog I could do it without witnesses if it went badly.

So I do it. I just do it. Jog, hold on to stroller, keep jogging. Wait a minute. This is good. This is really good. This isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I could totally do this. And it's fun.

So I run all the way back to the car, maybe 1/2 a mile, nothing big. But it was exhilarating. The nature, the breeze, the pounding of feet, the kids enjoying the faster pace jogging gave. Could this be the exercise I've been looking for?

Yes. I believe it is. Morning jogs here I come!


Robyn said...

What is it with Champion Park and friends winding up at the wrong one? Happened at our Corsairs picnic, too!

Amanda H. said...

That is excellent! It is always nice to enjoy the exercising...helps making the decision to do it a little easier. If I were near you I would totally high five you! :)

Just Me said...

HA! We always seem to be reading each other's blogs at the same time...

Amanda said...

Great minds! :)