Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Good

Today is a good day. Not because anything wonderful happened, just because. Maybe someone slipped me a happy pill, but either way I feel different today. Like I'm out of a fog. Corbin is 7 months now, and it's interesting that I had a similar fog-lifting experience when Hayden was 7 months. I just feel more confident, less stressed, and more motivated.

Today I'm looking at the house with fresh eyes, putting things away, organizing, doing the laundry, playing with the babies, going to the park, starting up a new website project, etc.

I'm sitting on the back deck (thank you wireless) blogging in the beautiful weather while my toddler plays in the back yard. I'm enjoying the sunset and the nice crisp, but not cold air. I'm getting ready to make two dinners (one for a friend) and not feeling the least bit overwhelmed about it - even though I have half a kitchen right now, HA!

I've started new ways of getting Hayden's cooperation and positive behavior and it's working. He's also learning new things all the time which just blows me away.

I'm even finding time for reading and playing WoW.

I don't know, things are just...working. I've found my groove, and the fog has lifted.

1 comment:

Gail said...

You give a girl hope.
Perhaps in 2 mths, I will be out of the fog then too.