Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun With Glass

So today could definitely be one of those willpower wrecking days, but I didn't give in...yet. This morning I'm doing my usual Thursday routine, getting the kids ready (Ladies bible study today), and I start thinking about the morning. One of the things I LOVE about thursdays - sipping on my yummy coffee and munching on the goodies that show up on the breakfast buffet line before the study starts. If I don't get coffee, I usually go for a Diet Coke.

Uh, huh. So no drink, and since I comment about every week that they only food on that buffet table is full of sugar (think donuts, dessert breads, one time there were even cupcakes! Yes cupcakes, people - at 9:30am? You better your booty I had one...) So to curb my disappointment I decided to put my teapot on (remember, no microwave currently) the stove and at least make some tea for myself.

This is where things went horribly wrong. In a very Melissa-like move (I don't know why I have some much trouble with this!), I turned on the wrong burner. The burner I turned on had a glass pyrex dish and a baking sheet on top of that (no countertops remember). Anyone have a clue what happens when you rapidly heat (I wanted to boil the water so I had that baby on high!) glass?

So there was an explosion, I seriously thought my cabinets had fallen down onto the stove (there was like smoke and "dust" er, glass particles flying up. But no, it was just my dish exploding into a million different pieces and flying ALL over the kitchen. Luckily we were all in other rooms at the time or this could have really been bad.

So after cleaning all that up I finally get to head to bible study (of course I still went!!). I'm feeling pretty miserable at this point. Afterwards, I went to pick up Hayden and Corbin. Hayden usually is all smiles when he sees me and runs to the door to get picked up. Not today. :( He actually threw a tantrum because he DIDN'T want to go. Sheesh, way to make your momma feel good. So I took my baby and my toddler who didn't want to come home with me to the car.

I mean, I want him to be independent and such, but dang. I guess my days are numbered.

Tonight I'm cooking a meal for someone - hopefully I don't cause anymore explosions. I kind of just want to curl back under the covers and start over.

Oh and I spilled our drive-thru food all over the floor of the car on the way home too....

But I haven't resorted to stuffing my face - so hey, if I can do it - maybe you can too?


Tamra said...

Yikes, that's kind of scary.

That's crazy you're doing a no sugar thing. I mean, it's not crazy that you're doing it, the crazy part is that I've been posting about a similar diet/fast/cleanse on one of my websites.
(I think you've been to my but not my other one,
Great minds think alike!!
It cuts out sugar AND grains/starches. We start Monday, March 2nd. It'll be fun doing this together!

Oh, and another great site about no sugar is

Just Me said...

Yay! That's awesome. Yes, I needed the detox from sugar - it was driving my life!

I might *think* about grains/starches if I survive the sugar detox. HA!