Monday, February 16, 2009

No Place Like Home

Even if my house is still a demolition zone (no they haven't been back since the last post), there is seriously no place like home for me. Some days I forget this, but most of the time I love when I open up my planner and there are NO appointments that week.

Part of me just relaxes at the thought of a whole week at home. Just me getting a few things done (a few, I am realistic - 2 kids + 1 "me" = limited time), enjoying the kiddos, and taking a slower pace. My goals are minimal - catching up on the mountains of laundry and putting away clothes that have drifted out of closets and drawers. Hopefully, that goal is small enough to be doable this week.

Between feeding the boys, changing diapers, playing and supervising, I have about 3 hours (broken up into chunks of 15-30 minutes) to actually DO something. This realization has come to me somewhat recently. Adjusting my expectations of what I can actually do vs. what I want to do has helped me feel less stressed.

Be right back...must move laundry. Okay, one more load and the kids laundry is done. Then I can start on ours. Sheesh. And I actually did laundry last week. These kids go through so much laundry, I had no idea. 2 full loads JUST for them??

Lunch time is always interesting around here (I miss my microwave and countertops were a nice invention too). Yesterday I got lazy and when we went to the store I picked up one of those family size chicken enchilada meals you throw in the oven. That was dinner...and lunch today. I have to say, I much prefer MY enchiladas to these. Bleh. Too bad I'm lazy, I could have made my own.

I am doing better tonight and making Turkey Lasagna - from scratch with no recipe. HA! I'll let you know what happened. I'm sure it will be fine...I've had these lasagna noodles in my pantry begging to be used - and I'm gonna use them!! All part of my "using, reusing, recycle" philosophy I started way back when. I'm loving not have a bunch of food sitting around in my pantry. Not only is it a lot easier to find things, I never worry about stuff expiring. I also get a chance to "experiment" when I have a random ingredient left over that needs to be used - like my lasagna noodles.

It's overcast today and looking like it will rain - again. Kind of nice though because it totally closes the door on us going to the park. One less thing to squeeze in. Plus we just went to the park yesterday.

Corbin is snoozing and Hayden is finishing up lunch (soon he'll be down for his nap, or quiet time or whatever - some days he snoozes and some days he just plays in there). Of course right about that time, Corbin will be getting back up! Haha. Having two definitely cuts down on any "alone" time. I generally get about 1 hour from around 3-4, that is unless Hayden wakes up early or Corbin decides not to nap. So no, our "schedule" is and has never been one that works perfectly or is set in stone. It's more of a guideline.

Most days our schedule is usually wake ups at 8am followed by breakfast and diaper changes. Playing for Corbin until 10 then a nap until 12. Hayden eats at 12 followed by a nap at 1 or 2 depending on the day. Corbin goes back down for a nap between 2-3. Hayden naps until 4-5pm, although sometimes earlier. If it's a bath day I do that before dinner. Dinner is at 6:30, although Corbin eats dinner at 5:30 usually when I start making dinner. Corbin gets a bedtime bottle and medicine at 7pm and off to bed when he finishes usually by 7:30. Hayden is in bed around 8pm.

And that's the day. Not a ton of time for anything else in there, but a little.

Okay, enchilada lunch is gone, so that's the end of my blogging time!

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