Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make Your Plan!!

So it seems we may have a few takers! I've laid out my plan, if you like that GREAT! Your work is done. But, hey, if you have an even better plan, I say go for it!

I really hope that everyone would tailor this so that it works for them. Otherwise, it's not gonna work.

Any reduction in sugar, is well, a reduction! If taking out all sugars is too rough, than cut the obvious ones. If it's not rough enough, pull out your trusty Glycemic Index and nix everything that raises the blood sugar! (But, from personal experience, I've done this one, and uh, well have fun eating those proteins and veggies!)

Nutrition fascinates me. My only problem is my body is the one that controls me. I love learning about the contents and makeups of different foods - and could probably (with in a gram or two) give you the carb count of most foods (years of Atkins taught me well, if I can't give you the exact carb count I can definitely tell you whether it's low-carb or not) and/or if they contain saturated fats or non-saturated fats (years of Mark's low-fat MS diet).

Check out this site Amanda referenced for a REAL sugar detox (wow!). Okay, I'm not going that far - but if this interests you, I'd be impressed! HA!

My main goal here is to get to a mind/body place where my emotions are not being driven by food. Sugar is a main source of that for me, which is why I'm "taking a break" from it.

Anywho, enough about Sugar! I'll be back to my regular mommy antics tomorrow. As I'm going through the initial withdrawal symptoms I'll be posting daily on my struggles/victories, then I'll switch to once a week so I don't bore the crap out of the rest of you!


Gail said...

Did you know Chai has 14 g of sugar?? I cannot live without my morning Chai, and made with milk, that is 30 g of sugar.
That one is SOOO your fault, you introduced it to me.
Thanks for nothing! lol

I think I may allot one Chai a day...but nothing else my friend, nothing else....ha ha ha ha.
Definitely no soda or juice or candy or chocolate, etc.

Hey, this is right in time for Lent.

Maybe I will give up my Chai, we will see...

Gail said...

OK, you have convinced me, the Chai is leaving the building.