Sunday, February 8, 2009

There's something cooking in the kitchen...

We have cabinets!!! Okay, so that might not have doors or drawers, or even counter tops, but hey - I can't complain.

They came on Saturday and installed all of the cabinets:

So there's a quick preview. There's a LOT more work to do still. Namely, counter tops, sink, faucet, doors, drawers, a new shelf above the window and in the laundry room, door trim, tile back splash, cabinet hardware, installing microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, water softener faucet, etc. Hehe. Oh and Mark and I need to finish painting eventually. The color in the pictures is what it's going to be, but we need to do the top coat with the sand texture.

Wow. Can't wait until it's done though. Although if I ever do any other remodeling, I don't think I'll tell ANYONE. I get a daily call from my Mom asking if it's finished yet. Then again, I don't ever want to do any remodeling...ever. (I may have some ideas for our upstairs bathroom though...a little cutting of the roof, extension out the top...) Of course that would be in like another 8 years when I'm not poor from THIS remodel.

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but last Christmas ('07 not '08) I crushed my glasses (I still blame Mark for moving them, blind people don't do well with changing locations of things!!) Anyway, I was forced to dig out my old pair (with an older prescription) which had barely survived when they were "the" pair. They were held together with a screw that was too long for the hole and actually sticks up out of the top...uh huh. Yeah, well I've been wearing those babies now for over a year and my contacts were running out! So I finally took the time to head to the optometrist and got some new glasses/contacts.

I'm not sure why I wait so long to go - it's a rather quick and painless process. I'm just lazy I guess. Here's me sporting my new SUPER cute glasses (and rockin out too). Of course, anything is cute compared to the hideous ones I was suffering in this past YEAR.


Shelley said...

Super cute glasses! I like those pull out drawers you have in the cabinets!!

Tamra said...

YAAAAY! on the kitchen cabinets. And your glasses are super cute!

Tamra said...

Ha. We both said 'super cute'. That's funny.