Thursday, February 12, 2009

iTunes Saves Me Again

iTunes has saved my booty about a million times these past few years. Whether I needed a quick "happy" song, a lullaby for the kiddos, or just needed to wind down after a crrrrazy day (like today) - iTunes has rocked it. I'm sure just about any other digital download software would rock my world too, but I latched on to iTunes first.

Some of my top songs (on my upstairs comp, hehe I've yet to "reconcile" the tunes on all my computers):

Fire - Ferry Corsten
Love Song For A Savior - Jars of Clay
King Without a Crown - Matisyahu
Give Me Your Strength - Stillpoint Band
If I Stand - Rich Mullins
Stir it Up - Bob Marley
Gone - Switchfoot
Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
Big Blue Sea- Bob Schneider
Clocks - Coldplay
Solaris Soundtrack - Cliff Martinez
Breathless - The Corrs

What are those songs that you can't live without?

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