Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Death to Sugar Cravings

Ok, so who got the GIGANTIC box of chocolates?

Who ate it all already?

Who is craving sugar ALL THE TIME?

Who is feeling sluggish?

Who has mood swings?

Who wants to lose a few pounds?

Who wants to be healthier?

Okay, did I ask enough questions to cover most of you?

I'm tired of the above mentioned issues, and have resigned myself that I need to detox my body of SUGAR. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's day I've had more than my fair share. What's that stat about the number of lbs of sugar Americans consume each year? Yeah, double that. Ugh.

So starting right now (yes right now, not tomorrow, or monday, or March 1st - you know what I'll do, I'll eat all the sugar in our house until that time) I'm detoxing. No sugar, no significant sources of natural sugar (fruits), no artificial sweeteners (ACK), nothing. Nothing for 60 days. 60 days!!!??!! Yes, 60 days.

Wanna join me? It seems easier to do something together, no? Put down that donut and let's go! (Okay that was directed to me).

And I'm not saying sugar is bad, or any food is bad, or that I'm never eating sugar again (HA like that would ever happen). But I do know my body is addicted to this yummy stuff and I need to curb the cravings.

Hello, my name is Melisa(er, MelisSa), and I'm a Suga' Holic.

Sound off my fellow Suga' Holics.


Amanda said...

ugh...I am really struggling with the sugar stuff right now. I tried doing a detox over the course of several weeks...but have failed. And while I am like -- I should totally do this, I tell myself I am not strong enough (while I stare at the cupcakes I just made yesterday). :) Maybe this time I could do it though. Maybe.

Gail said...

I am not sure if I am Suga'Holic....

Well then Gail, it shouldn't be a problem than to give it up for 60 days, lol.

OK, I am in.

Do you allow Stevia?

Wait, what does one drink? Besides water? lol. Milk? Can I have wine? lol