Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not in control

Today has been one of those days...where I come face to face with the knowledge that I am NOT in control. Of anything, not even a little bit.

How I could delude myself into every thinking I am (for even a minute) is hilarious!

And people (like me) who busily rush around trying to control both their (and your) world give me quite a laugh today.

I'm not superwoman. And I don't think I want to be. (No knocks to the superwomen out there, I'm just not one of them).

So there are some issues with the kitchen. Issues I'm not in the mood to discuss with anyone, let alone on my blog. But Mark said, "Let me take care of it". Of course, my first instinct is to want to know every single detail of every conversation and problem and give my input and solution and and and.

Who can add one minute to their life by worrying?

Mark said, "Let me take care of it'. And he did. I could have saved myself a day of worrying, by releasing my control over the situation. Why is this so hard for me?

There are many things I need to release. There are many times I need to stop "reinventing the wheel" and just go with it.

God is pointing out these things not so subtly on a day to day basis.

In other news, I went for my morning jog with the kiddos again! Another great morning. I'm thinking of doing that Mon/Wed/Fri. Seems like a good addition to our life. I get a bit of exercise and the boys get fresh air and time at the park.

The sugar/caffeine withdrawals have faded and I have gotten past one of the hardest parts. Now on to maintaining my diet changes - another difficult hurdle. You can do anything for a week, but the true test is to maintain those changes over a couple of months. My goal here is not to eliminate anything sweet from my life. But to slowly add in some healthy sources of sugar after 2 months - fruits, stevia, etc. I'm also not against the occasional donut or glass of white wine either! But first things first, must get past my cravings and need for sweet!

For those just starting, or restarting, or whatever - it CAN be done! I made it through! HA!

Running with the stroller has aggravated my back, I'm hoping it will calm down soon. It must be all my extra "jiggle" - hehe. This is a problem area for me that I've had for awhile (hence the chiropractor). I'm trying to just wait until my next appt on March 3rd, most of the time the pain settles on its own. It's hard going in with the kids. I usually have Mark go with me and all of us get adjusted.

I found the greatest outside toy for Hayden at the dollar store! It's a giant bubble wand! Now he can make his own bubbles. He has yet to figure out the whole blowing thing, so he makes me blow the bubbles. But now he can swing his wand around and make his own! He loves it.

He also surprised me today. I have taught him several signs over the past year, but the only one he uses consistently is "Please", the others I only saw him do the day I taught him. Yet today (several times), when his bubbles ran out, he came to the door and said "More" and signed it too. What the heck? Where did this come from? At first I thought it was a fluke, but then he did it 3 more times while playing with the bubbles. Crazy kiddo!

I have given up on the idea that Corbin will ever sit. HA! He will be 30 years old eating cheetos and watching TV on his tummy. He is just not interested in sitting. Every time I sit him down he kicks his legs straight and flips to his tummy. He'll be 8 months tomorrow, I would have thought by now he'd be sitting on his own, but he's not. Oh well, like I said earlier - I am NOT in control.

Well I have tons more, but it's getting late and this post is getting long.

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