Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Woohoo! Here we go.

Ok, so I might have some Suga'holic readers who are up for the challenge. The rest of you can eat your chocolates in peace - no judgments here!

So there was a question about what to drink - yes water, coffee (no sugar), tea, or unflavored sparkling water is what's on the menu. Milk actually has (at least on my nutrition label for 2%) 11g of sugar!!!!

As for the sweeteners, I prefer to remove them ALL. For me, even the hint of sweetness triggers cravings, so I can't keep them. I'm no diet guru (for sure) so do what you feel it right.

It does make life interesting. Tonight as I was headed to small group,

Small group: Occurs every Wednesday. A group of us get together for some God talk, and food. Much laughter, joy, and peace ensues.

Okay, so I was headed to our small group and starting thinking about what I would eat and drink there. I generally have Babs delicious coffee with plenty of sweetener. But that option was out. Then I thought about having to just sip on some water and that didn't sound good. I had made tea (with nothing in it) before I left home, but had forgotten it!! I quickly pulled into Starbucks and got a green tea - what a rip - I can't believe they charge that much for green tea!

Once I got there, the usual spread of sugary goodies was there, but I refrained. I had instead a few pieces of meat, and chips/salsa. I avoided the yummy cookies and grapes.

Obviously, you will encounter sugar in most things - especially processed food. So maybe you can't avoid it completely, but you can certainly minimize it by trying to follow it the best you can. For instance, I'm sure the salsa had sugar in it (many do), and since the bottle wasn't there I couldn't check. So I used my best judgment and got only a teaspoon of salsa with 3 chips.

Oh and for the record - it depends on the wine. Whites are typically out, but red can actually lower your blood sugar. So if you need to indulge do it with a red - and not a port wine! HA!

This will be even more interesting for me because I've basically cut out most sources of caffeine in my diet. I don't like coffee without Splenda or sugar, and I'm not drinking sodas. Many of the teas I like are also decaf! So I'm getting a double detox.

Hey I survived the first 5 hours...maybe I can make it.


Amanda said...

This set of posts is what I was originally trying to follow before -- -- it takes you through several weeks of weaning yourself all things related to sugar. She also gives some great information of where you find sugar that you didn't think it might be. If anything it is a good resource.

Sigh...okay, I might be in. I might have to let myself have one more cupcake since they are here and then I can send the rest with Jeremy to work. IF I do this though, I will still allow myself a couple drops of liquid stevia in my tea in the is the one thing, I won't give up. BUT seeing as how I have made the switch to that from sweetened condensed milk in my tea I consider that a good step. :) Oh, and I will continue to drink milk.

But as you will see on that site -- if you are going really hard core then this means no breads, pastas, flours, etc, b/c it all turns to sugar. :) Just thought I would toss that one out there. hee hee

Just Me said...

Awesome! Yes, (sigh), I know well the Glycemic Index, as I was a low carber off and on for years!! However, that lifestyle just does not realistically work for me. I generally "fall off the wagon" after a few months. I don't have the willpower to give up my breads and pastas - and why should I give up everything?!

For me, this is mostly about getting of the roller coaster of sugar. And maybe I don't get completely off, but just avoid the big DROPS!

The way I look at it, I'm going from eating a box of chocolates (v-day is the devil!) and looking for more to devour, to being able to eat foods without abusing them (like I am now).

Preferably, I'd like to have a diet (as in food I consume, not some magic plan) where I could enjoy foods from ALL groups without abusing any one particular group.

A life of drooling over a chocolate cupcake that I will never allow myself enjoy is not for me. Yes, I can have A cupcake, not ALL of the cupcakes, and not EVERY night. That's where I want to be.