Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Things

1. I got my teeth cleaned and a cracked tooth fixed today. He also buzzed my tongue with his teeth grinder thingy. Ouch! Every time my tongue touches my tooth (which is about every, oh, 3 seconds) it hurts.

2. Corbin and I "hung out" this afternoon. I.e. he nursed and snoozed while I relaxed on the bed. I know...so un-Babywise (gasp!). But chillin with my bubba is my favorite thing in the world. So nurse-a-thons are allowed!

3. Corbin's diaper leaked all over my skirt tonight at Community Group. Uh huh.

4. While at the dentist I got to watch "The Mummy Returns" with those cool movie goggles! It was pretty cool, except when I noticed some weird guy on scaffolding right outside the window watching me. Then he started to "work" making drilling and banging noises. "Hello?! I'm trying to watch a movie here." Sheesh.

5. Mark proved yet again to be my hero by watching both kids this morning while I went to the dentist. Isn't he the best?

6. After the tongue grazing disaster I treated the munchkin and I to Jack in the Box. Curly Fries + injured tongue = death.

7. Mark rocked my world by switching cars with me on the way home from Community Group. He got the cranky screaming kiddos, I got 20 minutes of Muse. Ah.

8. Mark must be racking up brownie points, cause after that the poor man went grocery shopping for us. In fact, he's still shopping as I type this.

9. I still have my nightly/morning sore throat. :(

10. Obama wins the race for president. No matter what your political views, you have to admit it rocks to finally have a black man elected president. Now it's time for a woman!


Shelley said...

I had my teeth cleaned, too! More tartar than usual. I proclaimed stress. Higher blood pressure (yes, they are the hotsie-totsie cleaners) than usual. I proclaimed stress...and the 1/2 marathon pain in my... legs. :) I can't believe my run is on the same day as the MS run. As soon as you know when 2009's run/walk is, let me know and I'm on board baby!

Anonymous said...

My 10 Things:

1. I've had my hardest bootcamp classes this week. I am hurting ALL over!
2. I am due in for an eye doctor's appt this month. Hopefully my vision didn't change again this year. :)
3. I went on a 2+ mile jog last night. It hurt, but it was worth it. Stress relief galore.
4. I currently have NO jeans that fit me. I have 13 pairs of jeans that are deemed useless to me at this point. Maybe I should setup a Jenny-Needs-Pants Charity Fund.
5. I have been commuting in a diesel car this week! The mileage is amazing and it's a relief to not have to fill up this week!
6. I am very happy Obama will take the office on January 20th, 2009!!
7. We are going to Continental Club tonight to see James McMurtry!
8. I have had the craziest amounts of drainage every morning for about a week now. I feel your pain.
9. I ate fried catfish and hush puppies at lunch yesterday...fried food never tasted so good!
10. I am drinking Redline these days. I like it! Screw RedBull!!