Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

I saw this on Conversion Diary and loved the format, so I thought I'd join in on the fun:


Thanks to the freezing weather we're expecting tonight our camping trip has been canceled. I'm totally bummed about this. This is the second time this year our camping efforts have been thwarted. Two babies + 32 degrees + burn ban (no campfire) = no camping + 36 bucks down the drain.


I'm having fish sticks for lunch! I had fish sticks for the first time in 15 years last week and I'm hooked. You need to eat some fish sticks too...they are truly addicting.


Early intervention came by today to do Hayden's evaluation. Hayden scored a 10 on communication. I believe the scale goes to 50 or 60. Obviously, we have some work to do. They are coming back on December 29th with a speech therapist for some further evaluations. The girl was really nice and had an awesome name - Heidi Lovejoy. I feel like I'm in a movie or something. How must life be like to have a name like Heidi Lovejoy! She was super sweet and her name made my day. HA!


I LOVE gmail's new themes. I have the ocean one rocking right now and it's so peaceful. If you have gmail you MUST try this.


I wish I had a cool camera so I could take beautiful pics of my kids...or maybe just Photoshop...or more creativity and talent, he he. My old computer had Photoshop on it, but alas, I cannot find the install disk to put it on my new one. I keep submitting my mediocre pics to the Blogging Baby Flickr group, but how can I compete with such stunning shots? When Hayden was a baby I submitted pics all the time and now my interest has been renewed after reading about it again on AndreAnna's blog. I believe one of my fav bloggers {wink} has gotten picked twice this month!! Wow. Of course, she takes amazing photos - I need to get creative!


I just read on parent dish that I should have started thawing my turkey (that I haven't bought yet) yesterday. I guess I should go buy my turkey today. If the weather holds out we're going to deep fry our turkey this year! Of course, my luck...the forecast is saying rain...hmmm


Last night I was complaining to my sweet hubby about my incredibly bad luck. (Mostly I was whining about our canceled camping trip). So to "test my luck" he bought me 10 scratch offs. I won 24 bucks which put us 4 dollars ahead. I sarcastically told him - I don't call that luck...I only made 4 bucks!

So what are your 7 quick takes?


Gail said...

I got no time right now for 7,lol.

But I am rocking the ninja theme. Check out, this is an odd source of laughs for us when it's been "one of those days."

Merae said...

That is such a bummer about your camping trip! Sorry woman. I hope that you guys do get another chance to go enjoy the camping life. I LOVE camping!

If I get a craving for fish sticks, I am calling you!

I don't know for sure, but I bet Hayden comes around before you know it. Either way, if he does get therapy, what a lucky boy to have parents to provide that available as an option. He is such a sweetie.

Your babies aren't winning? How could they deny those sweet faces?

Just Me said...

I think it might have something to do with their mother's crappy photography skills...hehe. Because, I KNOW my babies are gorgeous (nope not biased not one bit)

Ang said...

I sooo get the fish stick one! For some reason I decided to buy them for my kids about a month ago. They loved them so we keep getting them.

I made the mistake and snagging one and now I eat at least 2 or 3 each time we make them for the kids!

LeftyMama said...

Mel, re: pics, have you tried out Picasa (Google's free photofix app)? You can do a lot to quickly touch-up your pics, especially in lighting, color, and sharpening. If you have time to do more, get GIMP (the free, Open Source version of Photoshop). I guarantee you that most of those pretty pics on Flickr are retouched, unless the photographer shoots with a super fancy DSLR camera.

I'm with Merae re: Hayden's speech. He's gonna get there in his own time, and the ECI folks will do a great job at helping to help you strengthen his skills. In our experience, Samson was the last kid in his class to start talking, and it was sudden, like a switch went from off to on, from no words to tons of words.

Miss you much & think of you often!

Gail said...

OK, so I read about your turkey thawing, and it went thru one ear and out the other!! It is now Wed night and I realize my turkey is STILL IN THE FREEZER!!! Actually I thought it was Monday today. My sister called and was like "What are you cooking tomorrow?," and I was like "I don't know, maybe raviolis." LOL. So now I am trying to thaw it in cold water, replacing the water every 30 minutes, as the bird suggests as another thawing option, which supposabley takes 9 hours, instead of 2-3 days. UGHHHH! I might have to leave it on the counter some too, even though "you are not suppose to..."