Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Another Monday

This week I'm trying something new. Instead of my "whatever goes" routine (i.e. no routine), I'm actually planning out our day and activities. I'm even starting a few new activities for Hayden. "Book time" - where he sits on a blanket and can quietly look at books. "Room time" where he can move around and play, but only in his room. "Free time" - pretty much what he used to get to do all day. And when the weather is good we go outside.

Corbin had his first taste of solids today. We had bit of rice cereal. It went about as well first time feedings go.

Diapers are still hit and miss. The green color is off and on but they are back to normal texture wise.

Nursing is always a struggle of course. Today my chiro also mentioned that Raspberry Leaf Tea can also help with production. I hadn't heard that before. I'd only been recommended Mother's Milk tea. I already drink Raspberry during periods (it's really awesome for that), but now I'll drink it the rest of the month too!

Corbin is beginning to get eczema just like Hayden had around this age. I've been putting Eucerin Aquafor on it which helped a lot with Hayden. Although the facial eczema is more difficult to get a handle on. As babies, they are always touching their face, which irritates the skin further. With eczema behind the knees or on the arms I could always put lotion on it and wrap it in gauze so it could heal. Hayden was eventually prescribed both a topical steroid and non-steroid cream. I'm hoping to avoid that with Corbin, but if I can't get it better this week I'll have to go in.

Hayden has started a cute "new" game. He grabs whoever is closest and makes us all go in the closet under the stairs. Then he closes the door and says "Kna Kna" (Knock, Knock) while knocking. Then he'll open the door to see "who knocked". Fun for him...a little claustrophobic for me, HA!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to being home all day and not going out at all. I know...I'm a hermit.


AndreAnna said...

I usually don't go giving random unsolicited advice, but Charlotte had bad eczema as a baby. She had patches on her arms, back, legs, and face. And the ONLY thing that worked - including prescriptions - was Burt's Bees Buttermilk Baby Wash and followed up with the Buttermilk Lotion. I would put the lotion directly on the patches throughout the day and it was safe enough for her face.

Within a week, it was gone. It's two years later and we still use it. I started Sawyer on it and hopefully it will keep any eczema at bay.

Just Me said...

I'll try anything! I really don't want this patch of eczema to get out of hand - from previous experience with his brother, once it got bad, it took me 6 months to get rid of it. Luckily, I've been able to keep his brother clear using Eucerin Calming Cream after baths. But mostly I think he's grown out of it.