Friday, November 14, 2008

Okay AndreAnna rocks!! I recently blogged about battling the dreaded eczema. The exact problem Hayden had - that he was PRESCRIBED steroid creams for. She gave me a recommendation for Bert's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion - and it works!!! It friggin works. I'm shocked and amazed and oh my goodness.

This is something Hayden suffered with for months, even with the steroid creams he could only use for 2 weeks at a time and blah blah.

And Corbin's eczema is gone.



AndreAnna said...

Aww, you're very welcome! I'm just glad it's gone. It was the ONLY thing that ever worked for us and I'm glad it's working for you too. It's pricey but so worth it!

Andy and Claire Harvey said...

Okay I am going to go buy this today!

Just Me said...

I should have taken a before and after pic it is that amazing. His skin was red, chapped, irritated, and broken all along the side of his face.

After two days of using it, he has a small little spot of redness but that's it. And it seems to be going away - I'm guessing it will be gone with a few more days of this lotion.

Amanda said...

I just went to the dermatologist today and they say the problem I am having is eczema too...I wonder if this will work for adults?? :)