Monday, November 3, 2008

A Fresh Start

Today began our new ways of doing things! I decided that the best way for me to actually get up early would be to just stay up after Corbin's early morning feeding (around 4:40am). I stayed up and read, prayed, then went back to bed for some more Zs after that. And it worked really well! I think that's how I'll get myself up and going every morning. I have to get up to feed Corbin, and since I'm up already it's easier to keep myself up.

We watched no TV all day. No movies, no PBS shows - and it was great!!! I got much more done, spent more time with my kiddos, and also felt a lot more rested. I even got to rest for 30 minutes while both kiddos snoozed in the afternoon.

I also didn't get on the laptop much at all. Maybe 10 minutes the whole day. That's probably where I spend most of my free time these days. Between that and TV I was able to get in enough time to do the questions from the Ladies Bible Study. I usual show up without having put the effort in to doing the outside work. That shows me that I do have the time, I just am spending it unwisely.

Hayden successfully learned and used the "Please" sign today. This has been something we've tried to teach him before, but mainly got screams and non-compliance. I'm so excited that he now understands and uses the sign.

Mealtimes did not go down without a fight, but I handled them like I had planned. With time-outs for misbehaviors and not giving in to his picky eating. Lunch was more successful than dinner. He wouldn't even try any of the foods I set out for him. So he'll have a grumbly tummy by morning. Of course he got his night time milk, but still. Hopefully, by us not giving in to his whims, he'll learn that he must at least try the foods we set out.

Tantrums I handled with 2 minute time-outs today. By the end of the day he was doing very well. Hardly any whining or tantrums. I used the pack-n-play for time-outs and let's just say he'll probably grow out of it soon. He learned if he rocked back and forth he could make the pack-n-play "walk" where he wanted it to go. Uh huh. So eventually I had to institute the "you must sit down" and not stand in the pack-n-play. Hehe. Smart cookie.

Outside time was cut short by repeatedly trying to push buttons on our grill. As this is a safety issue, after the second time we went back inside for the day. The button he likes to push lights the grill! We can't have that.

Corbin seems to have a little bug. His diapers were strange all day. The finally got back to normal around 5pm, but then the diaper we just changed was back to the green color. :( Hopefully, he'll back to normal tomorrow. Hayden's chest cold still sounds pretty icky. Although he's not coughing much anymore, but you can hear all the congestion. Ugh.

Today I did a bazillion dishes - but at least they are done now. They had really stacked up from the weekend. I'm not a fan of all.

And I'm still bummed that Heroes isn't on tonight. Instead they are doing a special 2-hour SNL show on the election. Bah!!

Soon we'll know who our next president is!!! Hopefully, it's not a big fight with recounts and such. Either way it goes, I'll support our new American president! Exciting times. History shall be made either way. We'll either have our first black president or our oldest president and first female vice president! Okay, I'm not sure how "oldest" impresses me, but a female vice president or black president is definitely a monumental occasion.


Anonymous said...

Green poop is bad? I was told a greenish yellow brown tint was normal.

Just Me said...

Green poop could mean either a virus or a formula high in iron as well. Corbin's poop is always brown/yellow seedy as he is a primarily breastfed baby. And change in color can indicate sickness or some other change. His is very green and watery, which tells me he has diarrhea.

Jendawg said...

Wow, productive day! Good job!