Friday, November 14, 2008

Toddler Wars

Today has been a classic "Tough Hayden" day. His shrieking and screaming could drive anyone crazy, including his own mother...

He shrieked at his Aunt's house, he screamed at the restaurant, he yelled all the way home.

So when we got home I could only think of one punishment that would even affect put him down for his nap without "the" blanket.

He'd already had a bazillion timeouts and chastisements and I'd raised my voice...

This punishment hit home.

And as I sat on the couch in all my smugness, listening to the defeat of my toddler, my inner devil was saying "Take that toddler! I win."

And then...after 1 minute...I thought, "You may have won the battle Mom, but you're going to lose the war this way. One upping your two year old in no way proves your superiority or authority. HA!"

So I grabbed that nasty, stained (but washed last night thanks to him barfing on it) blanket and went into his room. His smile was so HUGE I couldn't help but feel like a jackass for keeping it from him. Then I handed him his blanket, he hugged and kissed it...then me.

And I closed the door so he could nap .

Then I heard...him shriek.

I guess we'll have to work on this problem a bit more. It must be Friday because me nerves are shot. Why am I "battling" with a 2 year old anyway? He he he.

VICTORY IS MINE! (ok just kidding)

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